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Sonichu (comic)

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Man's ultimate Rorschach test.
My art speaks for me.



Sonichu was Christian Weston Chandler's official poorly-drawn and written comic book about the adventures and travails that befell "him" and his (imaginary) friends. Despite starting out as a comic about the titular character, it quickly turned into a wish-fulfillment outlet for Chris and his depraved fantasies, with Sonichu being a main character in name only, playing second fiddle to Chris's almighty Mary Sue self-insert.


The inadvertent shattering of his heart from Sarah Hammer, along with the expulsion from English class, and the confrontation with Mary Lee Walsh provided the impetus for Christian to kick-start the comic series in full force. It initially served as a complement to his Love Quest as a feeble attempt to link an accomplishment, or boost his own self-worth to unsuspecting prey; after all, Sonichu is "Zappin' to the Extreme!" He is Christian Weston Chandler's only son, and the first way past cooler Electric Hedgehog Pokémon!

The comics series has been hosted on the various incarnations of Christian's homepage (currently hosted nowhere, except the CWCipedia archive), and was originally promoted from his now-defunct Sonichu business cards. Each new addition to the series would proudly sport a "To be continued..." disclaimer page. In fact, the comics are not updated with any regular frequency: in five years, Chris has yet to complete twelve issues, even though Chris has zero responsibilities and unlimited free time.

Reader's Guide to Sonichu

How-to and Overview

The ever infamous JARGON page.
TO BE CONTINUED (c.) 2001-????

The Sonichu series began with issue #0 instead of #1, and each issue contained multiple separately-numbered "episodes", so readers often lost track of which story happened in which issue. For example, Black Sonichu was introduced in Episode #4, which was the fifth story in the overall series and the first story in Sonichu #1, which was in turn the second comic. Further confounding matters were the Sub-Episodes about Christian's Love Quest, which appeared in issues #0-4, and were numbered separately from the main stories.

Issues #0 and #1 featured Sonichu as the unchallenged star of the series, with Chris as a supporting character also appearing in the backup strips. By issue #2, the comic had abruptly transitioned to Christian encountering people from his real life in shitty anime battles. Token attempts to tell Sonichu stories and introduce Sonichu spin-off characters were made in #3, but all pretense was dropped in #4-#7 as the series becomes a vehicle for Christian, as the leader of a heroic band of recolors, to battle against a college dean, a group of ineffectual security guards, store managers, and later on, internet trolls and other people who made fun of the comic.

The comic series was presented as if it were a cartoon or anime (which might explain why the comics mimic visual effects that work in an audiovisual context but fail on paper), and was encapsulated into seasons with various episodes (or "series", for our Eurofag friends). Sonichu #10 was intended to wrap up the "first season" of Sonichu. This opened a can of worms as to the current vision of the comics: was Sonichu intended to be the hit action/adventure soap-opera TV show that is broadcast in CWCville, or was it the historical documentation of Christian's and Sonichu's life and times? Perhaps it was destined to be the Gospel from the Stay-at-Home Autistic Virgin Male, hallowed be His name. Either way, it remained unanswered whether Christian continues on with the series because he has a vain, misguided belief that some TRUE and HONEST soul would consider these as "storyboards" for proper licensing and production.

Art imitating life

Sensing some criticism for the self-centeredness of his work, Christian wrote himself out of the series toward the end of Sonichu #7, trapping the Christian character in the Time Void so that the storyline could focus on other characters. Despite this, Sonichu still served as a strong Mary Sue character, as seen in Sonichu fighting 4-cent in Sonichu #8, as well as the clear Sue tendencies of Reginald Sneasel.

He returned from the Time Void at the end of Sonichu #9, giving all non-Chris characters approximately one issue to have the spotlight to themselves, during which they mostly talked about how much they loved Chris and hoped he would return safely. On the final page of the issue, Chris claimed that he would write himself out of the series permanently, giving his characters the opportunity to shine on their own. He went back on this promise almost the moment he made it — issue #10 is one of the most Christian-centric of the entire series.

Following the theft of his Medallions of Fail by Blanca, Christian immediately released a new comic adapting the theft into his canon and explaining that the TRUE source of his power lay in his Amnyfest Ring. Since this story was necessarily set after Christian escapes the Time Void, it was deemed a special preview of Sonichu #10, despite the fact that Chris had at that point not finished Sonichu #8 nor begun Sonichu #9.

Chris started Sonichu #11 in December 2009 and completed Sonichu #10 in February 2010. Since then, no new pages have been released, apart from a revised ending to issue #10 in October 2010.[2]

Chris has claimed that in total, he plans to complete 50 to 100 issues in his lifetime.[3]


I have not ended Sonichu; I only lost inspiration to draw, thanks to the people online.



On 27 May 2010, Chris announced that he was abandoning the CWCipedia to the trolls. On 30 October 2010, Chris claimed that the trolls drained his creativity and scared him away from drawing any more Sonichu.[5]

On 27 February 2013, Chris wrote in a Facebook post that he might continue, but probably won't.

When I was online with my comic pages, I had never really planned ahead as I should have with releases and such. I was an amateur, I got scared off, I still feel very timid. I am not making any promises with anything for the future. Nobody in my comicverse is dead. Do not have any expectations of me.


On 10 January 2014, Chris's house was gutted by a fire. This potentially means that all of Chris's artwork, including the master copies of the Sonichu comics, may be permanently lost, but Chris did manage to save his Nintendo DSi, so they possibly survived. They also continue to survive in digital form all across the internet and this very wiki.

The Sonichu canon

Official releases

Issue Episode Title Plot Summary
Sonichu #0
Episode #1 "Sonichu's Orgin" Sonichu and Rosechu are created by the Chaotic Rainbow. Kel adopts Rosechu.
First appearance of Christian Weston Chandler, Sonichu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kel, and Rosechu.
Only appearance of Perfect Chaos.
Episode #2 Sonichu in "Genesis of the Lovehogs" Sonichu, hungry and lonesome, follows Rosechu home to Kel. They fall in love.
Episode #3 "Sonichu vs. Naitcirhc" [sic] Sonichu and Rosechu go shopping; Naitsirhc tries to kidnap Rosechu but Sonichu fights off his Zapdos and rescues Rosechu. Mayor Chris congratulates him.
First appearance of Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc.
"Classic Sonichu Strips" Random stupid stories with Sonichu.
First appearance of Black Sonichu (Blake), Jerkops, and Mary Lee Walsh.
Only appearances of Metonic, Vamprosa, and Barbara Chandler.
Sub-Episode #1 "Christian Chandler in Jerkop-tastropie" Chris is called out by a manajerk and transforms into Chris-Chan Sonichu to fight him and the jerkops off.
Sonichu #1
Episode #4 "Black Sonichu in Darkness, Speed, & Lightning!" The origin of Blake!

First appearance of Doctor Robotnik, Giovanni, and Bill the Scientist.
Episode #5 "Sonichu in Informal Meeting" Blake kidnaps Rosechu. Sonic and Sonichu run into each other and then team up.
Episode #6 "Sonic & Sonichu Black Metal Combat" Sonic and Sonichu fight Robotnik's latest creation.
Only appearance of Metal Sonichu.
Sub-Episode #2 "Christian Chandler in The Rise & Fall of My Heart" The comic version of Chris's encounter with Hanna.
Only appearance of Hanna.
Sonichu #2
Episode #7 "Sonichu in Anchuent Prophecy" Chris takes over the story as his Sonichu medallion unleashes the power of the Anchuent Prophecy.
First appearance of Sarah Hammer, Wes Iseli, and the Ancient Leader of the Cherokee Clan.
Only appearance of the Keeper of the Destiny Cave.
Episode #8 "Christian Chandler in Chaos & Serenity" The three empowered hedgehogs meet and fight.
First appearance of Wes-Li Sonichu and Saramah Rosechu.
Episode #9 "Chris-Chan, Saramah, & Wes-Li in The Evil that Stomped CWCville" Saramah breaks up with Wes-Li as Slaweel the Witch makes her first big attack on CWCville!
First appearance of Count Graduon.
Sub-Episode #3 "Christian Chandler & Sonichu in Witch Confront" Chris and Sonichu confront Slaweel!
Sonichu #3
Episode #10 "Sonichu Babies" The origins of the Chaotic Combo!
First appearances of Wild Sonichu, Bubbles Rosechu, Magi-Chan, Angelica Rosechu, Punchy Sonichu, Sonee and Rosey.
Only appearance of Nabe, Mypoe, and the Boulder-Dropping Whale.
Episode #11 "The Chaotic Combo in When Hedgehogs Meet" Blake steals the Master Sunstone and the Chaotic Combo unite!
Only appearance of Flame the Sunbird.
Sub-Episode #4 "Christian Chandler in McAttack" Chris is attacked in the M-C-D-ville by two Manajerks!
First appearance of B-Manajerk, Merried Seinor Comic, W-M Manajerk, and Darkbind Sonichu.
Only appearance of Super Chris-chan Sonichu.
Sonichu #4
Sub-Episode #1 "Christian Chandler in Jerkop-tastropie" Reprinted from Sonichu #0.
Sub-Episode #2 "Christian Chandler in The Rise & Fall of My Heart" Reprinted from Sonichu #1.
Sub-Episode #3 "Christian Chandler & Sonichu in Witch Confront" Reprinted from Sonichu #2.
Sub-Episode #4 "Christian Chandler in McAttack" Reprinted from Sonichu #3.
Sub-Episode #5 "Christian Chandler in McAttack Part 2" Crystal appears to save the day as the W-M Manajerk attacks!
First appearance of Crystal Weston Chandler (sister) and W-M Manajerk.
Last appearance of the Ancient Leader of the Cherokee Clan.
Sub-Episode #6 "Christian Chandler's Backyard Safari" Chris gives us an inside look at the Jerkops.
First appearance of ScotPalazzo.
Sub-Episode #7 "Christian Chandler in Off-Target" Bagget arrives to attack Chris!
First appearance of Bagget and Crackder.
Sub-Episode #8 "Christian Chandler in Off-Target Part 2" Chris is taken captive, but is rescued by Crystal!
Sonichu #5
Episode #12 "Christian Chandler in My Best Friend's Cherokian Wedding" Chris attends Sarah Hammer's wedding, which is spoiled by Wes-Li Sonichu. Chris, with the aid of Megan Schroeder, saves the day.
First appearance of Megagi La Skunk.
Only appearances of William Spicer and Sailor Megtune.
Episode #13 "Shattered Hearts & Entrapment" Slaweel initiates an attack on CWCville, leading to Crystal getting trapped in the mirror!
First appearance of DJ Jamsta.
Sonichu Issue 6.jpg
Sonichu #6
Episode #12.5 "One Lucky Dog" Chris's dog, Patti, is transported to CWCville and becomes an anthropomorphic dog with magic powers.
First appearances of Patti-Chan and Allison Amber.
Episode #14 "Evil is Afoot!" Chris and the Chaotic Combo begin their quest for the Sonichu Balls as Reldnahc makes his appearance.
First appearance of Bionic the Hedgehog.
Sonichu Issue 7.jpg
Sonichu #7
Episode #15 "Sonichu, Magi-Chan, and Christian in Time for a Ball" Chris learns the location of one of the Sonichu Balls and goes to get it.
Only appearance of Sammy.
Episode #16 "C.W.C. and Sonichu in Time Hogs" Chris and Sonichu retrieve a Sonichu Ball, only for Chris to be lost in the Time Void.
"Tune in Everyday to Station KCWC for Everything!" DJ Jamsta interviews Blanca and Jiggliami.
First appearance of Jiggliami and Blanca.
Only appearance of Robert Simmons V.
Sonichu #8
Episode #17 "Rage Against the Garbage" After sex, Sonichu and Rosechu learn about 4-cent and go to confront Jason Kendrick Howell over his work. They get a Sonichu Ball for their trouble.
First appearance of Jason Kendrick Howell and The Incredible Lioness.
Episode #18 "Spring Break, 2008" Silvana makes her move as Jiggliami warns the others of her plans and they get another Sonichu Ball.
First appearance of Zapina, Simonla Rosechu, and Silvana.
Last appearance of Jiggliami and Blanca.
Only appearance of Yawning Squirtle.
Sonichu #9
Episode #19 "Date Ed (Even Though the Idea Sounds Dated)" THRILL to the wonder that is Chris's Dating Education classes!
First appearances of Reginald Sneasel, Layla, and Rita Jackaras.
Only appearance of Ms. Jackaras.
Episode #20 "CWC-Defense" The PVCC mounts a massive attack on CWCVille! Chris is later pulled out of the Time Void.
First appearance of the Samurai Pizza Bots and the Power Rangers.
Only appearance of BILLY MAYS.
Issue 10 Cover.jpg
Sonichu #10
Episode #21 "Christian Chandler in Director Amenities" Chris rains holy hell on all his enemies!
First appearance of Clyde Cash, Jack Thaddeus, Lovely Weather, Asperchu, Chaotic Combo (Asperchu), Metal Asperchu, the Asperpedia Four, and Sandy Rosechu.
Deaths of Reldnahc, Jason Kendrick Howell, Asperchu, Clyde Cash, Jack Thaddeus, Chaotic Combo (Asperchu), Metal Asperchu, the Asperpedia Four, Slaweel the Witch, homosexuality, asexuality, and Simonla.

Unreleased issues

These issues were in the pipeline when Sonichu was abruptly terminated.

Issue Episode Title Plot Summary
Issue 11 Cover.jpg
Sonichu #11
"A Sonichu Christmas" Christmas is coming, and Sonichu, Rosechu, and their children faff about the place doing nothing of importance.
Episode #22 "[Clip Show Episode]" Chris has stated that "The reboot will happen in Book 11 with the Clip Show Episode; most questions will be answered and plots revealed."[6]
Issue 12 Cover.jpg
Sonichu #12
"A Sonichu Christmas" (Continuation) Continuation of the Christmas special.[7]

Special editions

These special issues were one-offs intended for specific audiences, but subsequently obtained by trolls and publicly released.

Image Issue Informal Title Plot Summary
CWCVictoryForIvy.jpg Sonichu Special #1 CWC Holding Out For a Hero Chris rescues Ivy from the clutches of "Cly".

First appearances of Ivy and Clyde Cash.
IvyWedding.jpg Sonichu Special #2 Wedding Comic The fail-tastic union of Chris and Ivy.

Only appearances of Spas the Cat, Canino Houndhowl, Lilith, Rachel, Ching Chong, and the unnamed priest.
SchuComicSP3P5.jpg Sonichu Special #3 Giant Penis Comic The even more fail-tastic honeymoon of Chris and Ivy.

Last appearances of Ivy and Officer Keino.
SchuComicSP4P3.jpg Sonichu Special #4 Gun Comic Ian Brandon Anderson "rescues" Kacey from CChanSonichuCWC (though it's unclear why Kacey needs to be rescued if she's in a consensual relationship with Liquid), shoots Liquid in the shins, and then makes out with Kacey.

Only appearances of Kacey, Kacey's mom, Matthew Devoria, and Liquid Chris.

Adaptations and related work

  • Sonichu Remake
  • Sonichu Issue #11 Smack Jeeves - A continuation of the comic series but, not done in a Chris fashion.
  • Sonichu Finale
  • Sonichu: The Audiobook Saga (TM)
  • Sonichu: The Animated Series
  • Sonichu R - A rewrite on
  • Sonichu The Mysterious Hedgimon - A re imagining on
  • Sonichu Fan Continuation Project - A fan continuation on
  • Sonichu Unleashed - Fan Continuation on Deviantart


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