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Things Chris has ripped off

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I take it one moment at a time and let the story pieces come to me. Even if they are sometimes borrowed from a tv show or movie.


—Chris, blatantly admitting to plagiarism.

TRUE and HONEST Seal of Originality

As every Chris-chan fan is probably aware of, our autistic hero has quite the imagination. But some argue that due to stress and the mental block that is autism, his powerful and mighty artistic ordeals cannot come to fruition. So he just does what every good TV/book/movie writer does: he goes and steals an enormous amount of shit from other places.

To his credit, plagiarizing isn't easy. After all, how do you grab something that comes from another person's mind, adapt it to your own storyline and make it so that it fits in, without having whatever it is that you stole stand out like an obese retard with a red and blue striped shirt in the middle of a crowd? Being the genius comic book creator that he is, he feels that he doesn't need to bother with details such as a good plot, readability, or even consistency. Just stick in a few random-access-humor jokes and you got yourselves a new installment in the "Sonichu Comic Book Series." Not resembling Family Guy at all, right?

According to Chris, stealing copyrighted material is fine, as long as you indicate that whatever it is you’re doing is a "parody" of the original material. In accordance to U.S. copyright law, this is technically true, so this probably means that, unless he decides to make money out of his "artwork," he isn't going to have the law knocking on his door. Besides, we all know he's never going to sell any type of merchandise ever, or even make a hard earned buck for that matter.

Onward with the list of shit he's stolen:


Main influences

Sonic the Hedgehog

More information: Sonic the Hedgehog


  • Like the previously mentioned Sonichu and Rosechu characters ripping off Sonic the Hedgehog, they also rip off various Pokémon, mostly Pikachu and Raichu, combined with other Pokémon.
  • The character Jiggliami is a humanoid variation of a Jigglypuff.
  • The so-called Sonichu Balls are designed like various Poké Balls, though they also function like other items.
  • Sonees are also slightly edited Pichu, with a bit of Chao mixed in.
  • Moves. As if ripping off their looks weren't enough, Chris also rips off their attacks such as "Thunderbolt" or "Sky Uppercut".
  • Many of the cards on Chris's Wall of Originals are obviously based on character concepts or illustrations from the Pokémon games. (Christian's Maychu, to use one example, imitates the official illustration of the Pokémon Hitmonlee.)

For more info, see the main article.

Other Sources

  • In 2000, a bootleg game by a company known as "Yong Young" was released for the game boy color, titled Pokemon Adventure.[2]The game is combination of the Pokemon and Sonic series; Pikachu being the playable character in the place of Sonic, in Sonic-esque levels with assorted enemy sprites ripped-off from other games. For anyone familar with both series, as mentioned above, it's obviously a tacky, shameless ripoff, but there's one thing that sets it apart: it made money. While our lovable Picasso originally came up with the idea for Sonichu in March of 2000, around the same time as said bootleg game's release, it's most likely it had no real influence on the creation of Sonichu to begin with, as it's really not that hard a concept to come up. On the other hand, the first issue of Sonichu still didn't come out until 2004, so make of that what you will. The only reason this game, as stated before, is even worth mentioning, is again, because it did the one thing Chris could never do with his beloved mary-sue bastard child, profit.




  • Chris-chan Sonichu's famed attack, the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha (later Shin-ye-ha-me-ha), is based on the famed Kamehameha attack.
  • The Sonichu Balls, though resembling Poké Balls, seem to function more like the titular Dragonballs, as they are able to grant a wish when all are brought together.
  • Ultra Sonichu shares an amazing resemblance to Super Saiyan warriors by flying sky high and kicking ass and all.
  • Collosal Chan is obviously a Super Saiyan 4 from Dragonball GT.
  • Mypoe ripped off Punchy's tail because it was a "weak spot"; the same "weak spot" exists for Saiyans (unless said tail has been removed).

Excel Saga

  • A veritable hellstorm of shameless rips from this series appears in the Sonichu comics, in a way nearly as pervasive as Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog, yet comparatively subtler because he steals one-liners and monologues more than characters or storylines.
  • ...although he does indeed steal characters (like Mypoe and Nabeshin and the Jerkop Daitenzen) from time to time.
  • It is also possible that Chris stole the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha from the parody "Nabehameha" from Excel Saga (which was essentially a Kamehameha attack, except shaped like an afro).

For more info, see the main article.

Gurren Lagann

  • The character of Simonla Rosechu is a ripoff of a "fanmade" Sonichu named Simonchu who, in turn, is ripped off from the main character of the series, Simon the Digger.
    • It should be noted that Chris has probably never seen Gurren Lagann, and as such misinterpreted several aspects of Simonchu's design that were intended to be referential to Simon: his cape became Simonla's shell, and his Core Drill pendant became a shark's tooth necklace.
    • When Chris was forced to kill off Simonla in Sonichu #10, he promptly created Sandy Rosechu, Simonla's daughter. She is essentially exactly the same design-wise, except she is yellow and has a different hairstyle.


  • In Sonichu #2, Saramah Rosechu pins Wes-Li Sonichu to a tree, Wes making the statement "Where did this non-sacred tree come from?" This is a "hilarious gag" referring to InuYasha's origin story, wherein he was pinned by an arrow to a cursed tree by priestess/crack shot/vengeful ex-girlfriend Kikyo. Also, with some imagination and enough alcohol, one can see that a cloud in the background in one of the panels is shaped vaguely like InuYasha's head.
  • Chris also has a Blaziken in his Pokémon team named "Inuyasha", which was only revealed on the CWCipedia.[3] It's likely that this is the same Blaziken seen training with Sandy in Sonichu #10, though he is not identified by name in that comic.

Kekko Kamen

  • The face-rape of Jason Kendrick Howell in Sonichu #8 is based on the Pubic Hair Jump, a move by which the title character of Kekko Kamen kills her enemies.

Macross Frontier

  • Chris's infamous drawing of Jiggliami was copied from a picture by Blanca, who copied the pose from a popular picture of Ranka Lee, one of the major characters of the series.

Pretty Cure

"This is so "Pretty Cure"! I'M BACK!"


Chris-chan Sonichu, Sonichu #4

  • Pretty Cure, unlike Sonichu, is a true parody that purposefully spoofs the ridiculous costumes, magical schoolgirls, and attack names of other anime series. The Chrs-Chan [sic] Pure Pulse Jolt Lance (the attack that Chris-Chan Sonichu and Crystalina Rosechu are able to perform with their combined Hedgehog powers) is stolen from this series, and even though its original counterpart was given a ridiculous name, Chris felt the need to make it sound like some idiot had just mashed some random words into an attack name for his own version. Oh wait...
  • Also noteworthy is that Chris copied (and butchered) the pre-attack catch phases and attack poses. Most of these rip-offs occur in Sonichu #4 and Sonichu #5.

Sailor Moon

  • Sailor Megtune, Chris's hideously inappropriate SI Mary Sue for Megan, is based off the various heroines from the series, though the name is based on Sailor Neptune.
  • The Dark Mirror Hole may be a reference to a number of related Sailor Moon places/items, including the Black Dream Hole of Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie, and a mirror-like item from a few episodes of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and the majority of Sailor Moon SuperS.

For more info, see the main article.

Samurai Pizza Cats


  • Sarah Hammer's husband-to-be is depicted as Jack's Knight, a Yu-Gi-Oh! monster, because Chris had no idea what the groom looked like and didn't bother to check. Way to go![4]
  • Chris tends to use various Yu-Gi-Oh! terms during his battles ("Trap cards"? Seriously?) and is even depicted using a Duel Disk when dealing with Wes Iseli.

For more info, see the main article.

YuYu Hakusho

Western animation

The Adventures of The American Rabbit

  • Chris ripped many concepts for his Love Quest and lines from that movie are used in the comics ("I will, thank you father" from the cover of Sonichu #0 is a line uttered by Robert Rabbit).

For more info, see the main article.

American Dad!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  • The ATHF characters appear in one panel in Sonichu #0, along with Meatwad's old catchphrase, "The bun is in your mind."
  • Chris (badly) painted one of his Guitar Hero guitars to look like Meatwad's toy guitar.

For more info, see the main article.

Beavis and Butt-head

  • Beavis and Butt-head appear in Sonichu #7 in a gag directly stolen from the original cartoon series (although Chris said "Sorry" to Mike Judge).

For more info, see the main article.

Darkwing Duck

  • Darkbind Sonichu is a partial ripoff of this series' main character – Darkwing Duck.
  • The font Chris uses to write "Darkbind" is traced from the show's logo.
  • Upon arriving, Darkbind recites a completely bastardized version of Darkwing Duck's trademark entrance speeches. The main change is that the original speeches were filled with tongue-in-cheek irony, while Chris's version is completely serious and unnecessarily pompous.
  • Chris calls Darkbind "D.B.", reminiscent of how Darkwing Duck's sidekick Launchpad McQuack calls him "D.W."
  • Princess Zelina Rosechu may be a partial ripoff of Darkwing Duck's girlfriend Morgana McCawber (though this theory is debatable).

Ed, Edd n Eddy

  • In one of his ED edits, Chris added a huge wall of Random-access humor, including a joke from the episode "One + One = Ed": "Carrots are good for your eyes, can it dial a phone?", originally said by Ed.[5]
  • In the video "CWC's Flying Elephants", Chris bashes his head on his bed like a retard, and quotes another line from Ed, from the episode "Stop, Look and Ed": "I'm a woodpecker! Except with dirt!".[6] His bed not being made of dirt, it makes no sense.

Family Guy

  • In Sonichu #7, Chris meets Sammy, who resembles Peter Griffin, who goes through a series of incidents involving a sequence from Filmation's Ghostbusters.
  • In Sonichu #8, Chris directly lifts a gag in which a news anchor delivers a serious professional story, then immediately jumps to excited coverage of Spring Break.
  • The title of his bizarre rap video, "iPods Down and Listen Up," was lifted from the "Prick Up Your Ears" episode, in which the reverend teaching the high school about abstinence starts his performance by telling the kids, "Put your Walkmans down and listen up."
  • At the end of Sonichu #10, Marvey Blaziken tells the reader that "inspiration does not have a schedule." On Family Guy, this exact phrase was spoken by New Brian during the episode "The Man with Two Brians" before he proceeds to sing about farting. Naturally, the phrase referred to New Brian fitting in writing a song (about farting) into his already-busy schedule of helping out the family.
  • In Sonichu #11, one of the baby Rosechus is playing the Virgin Mary in a school play, she says "I'm the Virgin Mary, that's my story and I'm sticking to it." This is said by Joe's wife, Bonnie in "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas", where she is doing the exact same thing. Of course, the line isn't as disturbing when she says it, considering she's an adult woman, whereas the hellspawn in question is three years old.

For more info, see the main article.

The Simpsons


  • The time-travel plot of Sonichu #7 ("Time Hogs") was stolen from the direct-to-DVD movie Futurama: Bender's Big Score, and this is shamelessly lampshaded by the recolors in the beginning of the episode.


  • Chris's Family Guy-style "skitch" rips off the FALSE and DISHONEST Ghostbusters created by Filmation.

For more info, see the main article.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

HiHi Puffy AmiYumi

Home Movies

Inspector Gadget

  • Darkbind Sonichu's nemesis, Clawdorf, is (possibly) based on Inspector Gadget's nemesis Dr. Claw, who was also most of the time seen as a dark silhouette. If it's true, it is especially strange, as Darkbind is based on Darkwing Duck and the Legend of Zelda, not Inspector Gadget.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is a show about a dude trying to find a chick to get laid with. Though Johnny continuously fails to do this, he shows a lot more competence than Chris when it comes to dating.

Muppet Babies


Good grief!
  • Chris uploaded RandomHumor1 to his Flipnote Hatena account. Complete with horrendous drawings and obnoxious high-pitched voices, the animation plagiarizes the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show episode "Sally at School" word for word.[7]
  • He also mentioned Charlie Brown in Christian Weston Chandler's FUTURE MESSAGE, but only to distinguish what kind of peanuts he was talking about.
  • It's not hard to figure out from where the name of one of Chris's current dogs comes from.

The Powerpuff Girls

  • The other half of Blake's origin was stolen from The Powerpuff Girls, as an accidental dose of a foreign chemical gives him his evilness and his blackness, just as an accidental dose of "Chemical X" gave the Powerpuff Girls their powers. This is lampshaded poorly on the cover to Black Sonichu's introductory issue, Sonichu #1, where Sonic suggests that Chemical "X" could have caused the change, but Sonichu corrects him: It was cherry cola.

The Ren & Stimpy Show

  • Sonichu #4's Sub-Episode 6, "Christian Chandler's Backyard Safari", rips off the Ren & Stimpy episode "Lair of the Lummox," which Chris even acknowledges (with Ren & Stimpy thinly veiled as "Ben & Stumpy.")
  • At the end of Sonichu #8's Episode 17, there is an advert for "Knothole", boasted as being from the creators of "Log".[8]

Rocko's Modern Life

  • When listing what various spells he uses, he claims the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha inflicts its target with "Bad Luck and Extreme Misfortune". This is a reference from the short "Fortune Cookie", where secondary character Filburt Shellbach gets a fortune that read "Bad Luck and Extreme Misfortune Will Infest Your Pathetic Soul For All Eternity". Hmmm....

Sealab 2021

  • In the same ED edit, Chris included a joke from the Sealab 2021 episode "Legend of Baggy Pants": "What? Pod six doesn't need a Pro Shop, they need a dentist."

The Smurfs

  • Wild Sonichu seems to be "inspired" by the character of Wild Smurf. Both live in treehouses. Both swing from vines (although Wild Sonichu's vines swinging comes from ripping off Spider-Man). Both were raised by wild animals. Honestly, the only difference between the two is that Wild Sonichu can actually talk (Wild Smurf communicated in chipmunk sounds more than anything else).[9]

South Park

For more info, see the main article.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

  • The chant uttered by the guardian of the cave in Sonichu #3,"Anoz aelc amulp oerc ikabmol ah ah!", is one of Zorak's chants ("Lombaki Creo Plomo Pleo Zoma Ah Ah!") spelled backwards and mangled. Chris's original attempts to do spells or chants have failed spectacularly, so the stolen chant is one of his better ones.

The Brak Show

Tiny Toon Adventures

  • In Sub-Episode 5, a cuckoo bird chirps out "Cuccoo! Cuccoo! If she thinks he'll never find a boyfriend-free girl with his method, then Slaweel is Cuccoo! Cuccoo!" This is a reference to character GoGo DoDo, who'd pop out of Acme Looniversity's clock tower in the longer episodes to say a phrase similar to that.


  • Optimus Prime mercilessly killing Decepticon spy Sarah Jackson.
  • Various Transformer-types appear in Sonichu #9.
  • During the final battle with Reldnahc, the villain says "I've waited an eternity for this. Your life is mine Prime-chan!". A similar line is used by Megatron in Transformers: The Movie.
  • Some villanious Transformers Chris and his recolors did battle with are called "Decepticlones". In the Transformers video game based off of the Armada anime series released on the PS2, generic enemies were also called "Decepticlones".
  • A scene in Sonichu 4 blatantly rips off the Quintesson and Trial Scene from Transformers: The Movie. This one's so blatant that it's kind of hard to believe that Chris could be so retarded as to not realize how obvious it is.
  • The W-M-Manajerk's power suit is a flagrant recolor of Spike's Environmental Suit from Transformers: The Movie.

For more info, see the main article.

Tom Goes To The Mayor

  • Placing the Mayor's Office inside the mall is either a reference to this or Chris having terrible priorities.

Live action

Gilligan's Island

Monty Python

For more info, see the main article.


  • In the Sonichu #2 fight between Wes-Li Sonichu and Chris-Chan Sonichu, Chris-Chan Sonichu gets his tail singed by a fire blast then exclaims, "You burned my tail! Now it's personal!" before going on the offensive. This is very similar to the scene in Spaceballs where gun-hating Princess Vespa gets her hair singed by a laser in a firefight and exclaims, "You shot my hair! You son of a bitch!" then proceeds to singlehandedly mow down the attacking Spaceballs with a laser rifle.[10] While the words aren't identical, he reads the lines with the same cadence and inflection as Vespa's in his Official Videobook clip.[11]


  • Chris's "The High School Story" is an amalgamation of Stephen King's Carrie, and Chris's own high school experience. Its main character, Terrah, is bullied and underappreciated, so she murders everyone with her psychic powers. It is safe to assume that Chris saw the movie adaptation of Carrie, and not the book, as it is unimaginable that Chris would ever spend his time on a book without illustrations.

Power Rangers

  • In Sub-Episode 8, Chris is given advice by the Ancient_leader_of_the_Cherokee_Clan and as he leaves, he tells him "May the Anchuent Powers Protect You", a butchering of Zordon's Star Wars-inspired phrase "May the Power protect you."
  • In Sonichu #9, the CWC-Power Rangers are introduced, but never seen with the sole exception of Kart Megazord.
  • Silvana's basic existence, back story, and partial appearance are the copied directly from a villain (Astronema), from Power Rangers in Space
  • In Sonichu #10, Chris introduces a terrible new song entitled "Revive Zordon", which displays his wish for the return of the "original" Power Rangers team.

Family Matters

  • In Magical Man Potion, Chris drinks a potion and temporarily transforms into the Magical Man. Both the transformation sequence itself (including hiding behind furniture) and the potion which makes the imbiber more attractive/suave are very similar to the Steve Urkel/Stefan Urquelle trope in Family Matters.[12]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

  • In Sonichu #1, Sonic is quoted saying "Eh... you were expecting maybe, Bugs Bunny?" a direct 'reference' to a line said by one of the non-yawning Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the third movie. The original line was "Eh... you were expecting maybe, The Addams Family?" It is ironic in this case that of all the lines Chris-Chan could have possibly chosen from the movie, he went ahead to choose one of the most awful, face-palming, gut-wrenchingly bad lines (only second to the even worse line "Help! I'm a turtle and I can't get up!"), and proceeded to MAKE IT WORSE. Congratulations.

Saw series

  • Louis Perez, appearing in Sonichu #10 to apprehend Inos, could be named after the character from the Saw franchise (possibly a relative, as Lindsey Perez from the movies is female). Chris has previously stated that the Saw series is one of his favorite movie franchises.[13] Both characters are black policemen, making the "inspiration" much more likely.
  • The execution of the Asperpedia crew in Sonichu #10 is performed through what equates to elaborate death traps, similar to what is seen in the Saw series. They certainly have more in common with those movies than with anything resembling actual state-sponsored executions.

Independence Day

  • In the Christian Love Day video, he recited a modified version of the speech that President Thomas J. Whitmore makes before making a last stand against the aliens, which shows just how ridiculously corny he can get.

Lewis Black's Root of All Evil

  • This Comedy Central show featuring Lewis Black as a judge was ripped off in Sonichu #10, where the judge at the trial, named "Slack Lewis," greatly resembles Black.

Lethal Weapon 2

  • The exploding-toilet death of Simonla was ripped off from the near-death of Roger Murtaugh by exploding toilet in Lethal Weapon 2.

Star Wars

This Is Spinal Tap

  • During the "Revive Zordon" performance, the speaker blurts out that the volume is "Cranked up to Eleven." We can only hope that Chris ripped this joke off directly rather than referencing something else referencing Spinal Tap.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  • Chris's threat on the life of Liquid Chris contains a number of elements from the film:
    • The top speed of 65 mph during the escape scene
    • The Terminator shooting an enemy in the legs, saying "He'll live."



The Legend of Zelda

  • The characters Darkbind Sonichu and Zelina Rosechu are rip-offs of Link and Zelda respectively, the two main characters from the series, alongside being rip-offs of elements from the cartoon series Darkwing Duck, strangely enough.
  • The entire subplot about Darkbind and Zelina, involving Zelina being put under a sleeping spell by an evil wizard and Darkbind setting off to reawaken her with a powerful artifact, is taken nearly verbatim from the story of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. There, the Link from the first game goes on an adventure to find a powerful artifact, in this case the Triforce of Courage, in order to awaken the original Zelda from a sleeping curse put on her by- you guessed it, an evil wizard.
  • The land of "RuleCWC" is a not-so subtle ripoff of Hyrule- right down to aspects including the name and its castle.
  • In the Wallflower E-mails, Chris claims that Darkbind Sonichu was trained in RuleCWC forest by a "rogue master swordsman" and an owl named King Alistair. These are obvious ripoffs of Link and Kaepora Gaebora.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Street Fighter

Mario series

Mario is a video game series conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto, and has been the mascot of Nintendo for decades. While Sonic has fallen into a self-induced pit of horrifying shit, probably never to escape, Mario has stayed consistently good for all this time. Despite this, Chris very much favors Sonic, as he only has a passing interest in Mario. However, he has enough interest to rip it off from time to time.

  • The Wing Cap ability from Super Mario 64 is ripped off in Sub-Episode 4, where Chris flies around with wings on his head. They are later discarded, and Chris is strangely shown flying without them.
  • His concept for Sonic The Hedgehog 64, as expressed in his Hand-drawn Nintendo Power magazine, is nothing more than Super Mario 64 with Sonic and Tails. Literally.

Brutal Legend

  • In Sonichu #9, during the introduction of the Samurai Pizza Bots, Armoraxe uses a move that looks and acts exactly like the Solo "Face Melter" from the game. The only difference is that the move is called "Metal Melter."
  • The devil trolls that appear to carry IBAChandler away after he is defeated by Sonichu seem to be a rip-off of the fans that appear to carry you off when you are defeated during a stage battle in Brutal Legend. This is confirmed by the retarded phrase written next to the same panel in the comic, "Hmm, What 'Legend' brought these fans?"
  • In Sonichu #10, Chris using the power of music and stage to destroy the 4-Cent Garbage building may have been inspired by Brutal Legend's Stage Battles. Son-Chu does turns into a giant stage which resembles Ironheade's megastage, but rather than offer a fair fight Chris just Guitar Heroes his opponents into oblivion instantly.
  • Simonla gives Wild Sonichu her lucky shark's tooth necklace, similar to when Eddie Riggs gives Ophelia his mother's shark tooth-like necklace in Brutal Legend.

God of War

PaRappa the Rapper

  • In preparation for the "Revive Zordon" performance, Sonichu puts on PaRappa's hat and becomes as flat and two-dimensional as PaRappa (not to mention his own character), then says PaRappa's catchphrase "I gotta believe!"

Monster Rancher

  • In Sonichu #2, the giant golem that Mary Lee Walsh is riding strongly resembles the Golem monster in its design from the first two games in the Monster Rancher series.

Perfect Dark

  • In Sonichu #9, the sub-episode CWC-Defense is named after a thematically-similar level in Perfect Dark, a Nintendo 64 game, in which the main HQ of the protagonist (the Carrington Insititute) comes under attack. The name of the level? CI-Defense.

Web original

Jessi Slaughter

  • In Lars' Ship has Sunk.MOV, Chris says "The consequences will never be the same," mimicking the famous line "Consequences will never be the same!" from a Jessi Slaughter video. It was later found that Chris was simply repeating something Jackie told him to say, and has likely never seen nor heard of the video in question.

Western comics


  • Wild Sonichu is a partial ripoff of Spider-Man, a superhero who can shoot long web strings from his hands. He uses these web ropes to swing across the city and entangle his enemies. Also, the scene in the end of Episode 19 (Sonichu #9) is highly reminiscent of the Spider-Man movie. Similarly, Wild can also climb walls with relative ease, though it's not clear whether he's just a good climber or if he literally clings to walls, as Spider-Man does.
  • In Sonichu 5, Chris claims that his "sixth sense is tingling", blatantly knocking off of Spider-Man's catch phrase.

The Incredible Hulk

  • Rosechu's bat-shit insane rapist form, now known as the Incredible Lioness, is based off of the Incredible Hulk. While Rosechu didn't turn green (and seeing as she's an abomination already, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that she's already bathed in gamma radiation), she gets pissed off when Jason Kendrick Howell launches a pickle at her and she tears him a new one.


Tommy Tutone



  • In Sonichu 1, Chris interrupts Rosechu and Amy Rose's vapid girl talk because "[he'd] like to save time...and money on [his] car insurance by switching over to 'Get-Co!'"

List of fiction Chris has referenced and otherwise bastardized

While Chris's masterpiece is chock-full of shameless ripoffs and copyright infringements, there are some references to works of fiction which can't be actually considered "ripping off," but manage to ruin the franchise in question nevertheless, for the sole fact of being referenced in Sonichu. These are mostly instances of Chris either including a minor reference to a work of fiction, or just mentioning it, in his comics. While it's not considered a crime de jure, it still may be called a crime against humanity, whose culture Chris has thus bastardized.

Note that when such minor references concern works or franchises already listed in the main ripoff list above, they're added there, not here. It was done so that it would be easier to see how much has Chris managed to bastardize each franchise.

  • Sonichu #9: Simonla's screen name is "DigDugette416".
  • Later, on Sonichu #9, Layla jokes that Simonla only needs a pump to "fully dig the dug," whatever that means.
  • Sonichu #1: Hanna tells Chris that she likes reading books by "Chuck Paladuck" [sic], who is also (according to Chris's footnote) "the director of the movie "Fight Club" (well, maybe he believes that David Fincher is just Chuck's alternate personality?)... Yes, "Chuck Paladuck".
  • If Chris has actually seen the movie, it may be the influence behind "Christopher".
  • Sprung: Sonichu #1: Chris is shown playing Sprung on his Nintendo DS for dating tips before going on a date with Hanna. He reads the infamous "So, do angels have names?" compliment and notes that it "sounds right."
  • Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Magical Man Potion: Chris drinks a magical concoction and transforms into an entirely different being, before reverting to his own self. Due to the fact that the transformation is "from bumbling to suave" rather than "from moral to cruel", as well as the extreme unlikelihood of him knowing classical Scottish literature, he probably stole the concept from The Nutty Professor, a derivative work of Jekyll and Hyde.
  • B-Daman: Sonichu #1: Sonic curls up into a ball and enters a pocket of whatever in Sonichu's stomach, upon which Sonichu fires him out at Metal Sonichu which also is the form of a ball. At first, this looks like a reference to balls, but upon closer inspection, it seems to be a ripoff of the Japanese Anime and Toy series B-Daman, which involves small cute robot-like characters firing balls out of their stomachs at other balls.
  • Star Trek: Both within the comics and in his real life presentations, he uses the phrase "Captain's Log" a reference to the opening of most Star Trek episodes and movies. He's never seen anything of the franchise, but he felt the need to rip it off anyway. That's Chris for you.
  • Happy Tree Friends In Sonichu 10, Chris mentions the 'Happy Tree Friends-esque' deaths of the Chaotic Combo in Asperchu, implying that he's seen the show a few times.

The tl;dr Version

At this point, it's almost easier to list the beloved franchises Chris hasn't ruined.


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