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Megagi La Skunk

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Sonichu character
Megagi La Skunk
Homeland Parodyse Island
Gender Female
Species Humanoid skunk
Creator Megan Schroeder
Whether or not you've noticed NONE of my original female characters have....breasts. I just don't believe in giving animals that kind of human quality.


—Megan on Megagi, 6 March 2007



—Chris on Megagi, IRC (20 January 2009)

Megagi La Skunk (pronounced [mɛˈgɑːdʒi], "meh-GAW-jee"[1]) is one of Megan Schroeder's furry-inspired characters, who first appears alongside Megan as her Sailor Fighter "partner" and later begins dating Bionic the Hedgehog. She has outlived her creator's presence in the comic, similar to Jiggliami, except Megan was (probably) not a troll.


An example of Megagi's change in personality.

Megagi was originally called Spunky Skunk, which Chris didn't like because it might have reminded him of a rather nasty habit. She also did not have breasts in her original drawing or first appearances in the comic, but Chris added them in later for unknown reasons.

Given her name and color scheme, she likely constitutes a plagiarism of Tiny Toon Adventures character Fifi La Fume. She may also be a ripoff of the Sonic character Fang the Sniper (Nack the Weasel), given her colour and design. Funnily enough, her colours are also the same as those used to symbolise homosexual pride.

Worth noting is that Megagi was originally from Parody Island, where she probably lives with Megan's other traced Sonic/Pokémon hybrids, but the name was changed to Parodyse Island in the comic.

Megagi used to have a somewhat different personality from the other female characters at first; she seemed to be the tomboyish type, and Chris described her as being like an "Army Soldier". In Sonichu #6, she calls Chris out on his shit[2], and she chews him out for ogling Megan when he should be saving the day. Although the rough-and-ready tomboy archetype is not exactly original, it was at least different from the typical Rosechu who just liked shopping. However, in Sonichu #9, she gets watered down just like the rest of them - girly and no personality - and later on in the comic she is further reduced to being Bionic's personal cheerleader.

Fictional biography


The CWCipedia page is vague, just describing her as coming "from a mysterious land far, far away with her partner Megan Schroeder."[3] Emails suggest that she came from "Parodyse Island."[4]

Sonichu #5

Megagi and Sailor Megtune come to the rescue of Christian and the Chaotic Combo when threatened by Wes-Li.

Sonichu #6

Bionic the Hedgehog asks Christian to create a girlfriend for him, leading CWC to suggest that he should date one of Megan's character.

Sonichu #7

Bionic the Hedgehog gushes about his new girlfriend.

Sonichu #8

Megagi shows up at Spring Break to lounge around in a bikini.

Sonichu #9

Megagi cheers her boyfriend's triumph over Reldnahc.


The CWCipedia bio differs a bit from the comic depiction. Here, Megan seems to leave Megagi before she ever goes to CWCville, and Megagi seems to seek out Bionic rather than the other way around. Chris's misogyny is much more explicit in the description given of The Taming of the Skunk.

Megagi eventually made her home somewhere in CWCville where she watched many basketball games. She enjoyed these basketball games as she is a huge tomboy and loves playing sports and doing other boyish things.

One day, she was watching a game and a new player who recently came out of a time portal took the scene. His name was Bionic the Hedgehog and Megagi fell in love with him instantly. She had to go meet this star so she bought two center-stage tickets to one of the Lancer's fun basketball games. Megagi and Bionic met after the game and they made out in the locker room. Then some more things happened. They were in love instantly. Today, Megagi and Bionic share a very healthy relationship. Megagi cheers for Bionic on the sidelines although she misses the days where she was tougher and could stand on her own.

Turning on her Sailor Fighter partner


In a series of increasingly vitriolic Facebook posts directed at Megan, Chris claims to have talked directly with Megagi, who has some particularly nasty things to say about her original creator. Whilst Chris is known to believe that Sonichu and the other comic characters are real to an extent, it's still somewhat unsettling to see it weaponized to justify threats and slander.

By the way, I have checked with Megagi La Skunk; she feels deep distrust in you. We mutually agree that you should have never been born, even if it meant she would never exist.


—Chris, in an open letter to Megan on Facebook



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