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Quote of the Now

I have been emotionally hurt a lot before, and I am reasonably paranoid of others, especially online. Which is WHY it is Mandetory for immediate in person meeting with me.


—Chris on his latest OkCupid profile.

Article of the Now

Okcupid 8 jul 2014 1.jpg

OkCupid is one of the more popular dating websites, and matches people based on how they respond to questions that they may answer at their leisure. Unlike sites such as, OkCupid allows users to message and search each other for free, only charging for perks like ad removal and unlimited inbox space. Like so many other dating websites before, Christian Weston Chandler joined the website.

In July 2014, a CWCki Forums member found yet another OkCupid profile that Chris created. (Read more...)

This Day in Christory

Hey man gay man pick up the soap, get on your knees and pray

Today in Christory, in 2009, Chris sang that it's OK to be gay.


Today was also the day, in 2009, that Liquid Chris released "A Preview of a Surprise".


Today was also the day, in 2002, that Chris created the Black Sonichu card and added it to the Wall of Originals


Did You Know...

Da Update


PSN Tracker

PSN Activity tracker
Chris was last spotted playing Skylanders: Swap Force for the PS3.
Chris has spent over $8581.62 of YOUR money!

Chris's PSN is Sonichu. You can see his profile here.

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Picture of the Now

Okcupid 8 jul 2014 2.jpg

One of Chris's photos in his latest OkCupid profile.

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