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Quote of the Now

Attention Everyone!!!

To preface what has happened recently, I simply remind everyone that Sonic The Hedgehog's Arms Are Not Freaking Blue!!!

If ‪#‎SEGA‬ had Never changed them, or reversed the change between February and November of this year in the new Sonic Boom video games AND Cartoon Series on Cartoon Network, as well as the Toys and whatever else, I would Never Have Had to Protest and Rebel the way I have, including the creation of my group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!


Chris, blaming Sega for his assault on an innocent GameStop employee.

Article of the Now

Bluearmsis zpsac2c59f2.jpg

26 December 2014 -a date which will live in infamy- was probably the busiest day in Chris's life since he graduated, and is essentially 28 October 2011 all over again. Once again, Chris is in trouble with the law, and once again, it involves assaulting staff at a store. This time, though, it doesn't look like he'll get off the hook so easily.

After spending three days in Albemarle Regional Jail, Chris was released on bail, to await his hearing on 5 February 2015.

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This Day in Christory


Today in Christory, in 2009, Julie reveals herself to be BlueSpike, but not before getting Chris to decide to either burn the medallion or destroy it and shove the pieces up his ass. Chris, being the raging homo that he is, chose to shove it up his ass.


Did You Know...

Da Update

  • 24 February - Chris turns 33. Happy Christian Love Day! Audio of his date with Catherine is also leaked, today.
  • 5 Feburary - Chris' hearing happened without him macing anyone, next court date is April 2nd, 2015.
  • 1 Feburary - Chris reveals that he was commissioned to do the album artwork for an obscure noise group's most recent release.
  • 30 January - It's revealed that Chris had started glitterbombing Sega through the mail.
  • 25 January: Chris begins begging his white knights to purchase him the Lego "Grand Emporium" set, which is a shopping mall.
  • 24 January: Chris uploads a poorly-done GIF of the picture.
  • 23 January: Chris posts his latest masterpiece on Facebook, "My Mind is a Blank".

PSN Tracker

PSN Activity tracker
Chris was last spotted playing LittleBigPlanet 3 for the PS3.
Chris has spent over $8581.62 of YOUR money!

Chris's PSN is Sonichu. You can see his profile here.

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Picture of the Now

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Chris and Catherine.

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