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Quote of the Now

And for every one of you Sods who continue to mislabel me as a Homosexual Male, or hint towards anything like that even in distasteful jest, you all can kiss My Vagina Of My Soul!


—Chris on Facebook, 18 September 2014.

Article of the Now


Chris's ego, is, and always will be, his most problematic trait. Over the years, Chris's excessive narcissism has created many problems for him; whether it's his all-consuming craving for praise of his questionable artistic talent, thinking that his minor inconveniences outweigh in importance the death of a family member, or simply not giving fellow members of society any respect whatsoever, in summary Chris really pays no heed to anyone who isn't him. Now, while some of this can be attributed to his autism, much the same as reality, for the most part, Chris willingly chooses to be the self-obsessed man he is, much to the annoyance of those around him. In fact, there's so much evidence for his overt self-absorption that it merits its own list.

Chris's egotism has leaked into the comic, as well. While the focus of the series was originally centred around the main character, Sonichu, Chris's heavily idealized (i.e. given god-like powers and virtues and a proportionate build to compensate for Chris's stunted physical ability and morality) self-insert slowly, but surely, became the main focus of the story. The best example of this being Sonichu 4, which consisted of several sub-episodes dedicated to the semi-fabricated accounts of Chris's real life experiences with the sole purpose of attempting to make Chris look like a martyr to garner some sympathy. Sonichu, in fact, is hardly even in the entire issue, even though the series is NAMED after him. While Chris originally planned to get rid of his comic-persona, due to constant criticism, it never really took off, as he managed to find himself as the main character, once again, despite a little deus-ex machina, here and there. In Sonichu 10, Chris goes full god-mode Mary-sue, giving his self-insert's super mode a super mode.

Even today, in 2014, we can still catch glimpses of Chris's continually monstrous ego, even when concentrated into misspelled Facebook posts and vastly over-priced eBay merchandise. (Read more...)

This Day in Christory

Truly, this is the epitome of modern literature.

Today in Christory, in 1999, Chris wrote an essay for English, entitled "How the Pokémon Came Into Our PokéBalls". Apparently, his teacher thought it was good.


Did You Know...

  • ...and then changed his mind, only to ignore it?

Da Update

  • 30 August - Chris changes his Facebook status to "in a relationship".
  • 25 August - Chris writes on Facebook that Sonichu has literally paralyzing allergy to pickles, and likewises discusses the sexuality of his various comic characters.
  • 16 August - Chris jabbers some more about his new identiy.
  • 15 August - Chris uploads new Facebook avatar.
  • 14 August - Chris makes a Facebook post in which he comes out as a "Lesbian Identified Male" and self described "Intersex" "Cross-Dressing Tranny." He also expresses solidarity with the movement for LGBT equality, although begrudgingly supporting gay males. Whether this is a genuine turning point in Chris's attitudes towards homosexual men, or whether he simply trying to garner sympathy, remains to be seen.
  • 2 August - Chris posts a new Facebook post. In it he confirms that three fan gifts, among them the Asperchu medallion, have been lost in the fire.

PSN Tracker

PSN Activity tracker
Chris was last spotted playing Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for the PS3.
Chris has spent over $8581.62 of YOUR money!

Chris's PSN is Sonichu. You can see his profile here.

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