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Birth name Kacey Devoria
Full name Kacey Yulia "KaceKat" Chandler
Date of Birth 30 June 1983
Gender Female
Nationality American
Race White
Parents Matt Devoria
Siblings Kale Devoria (elder brother)
Kara Devoria (little sister)
Spouse Liquid Chris
Occupation(s) Nursing/Biology undergraduate
Yes, Kacey is one of my gal-pals; nothing major at the time. She already cares for this other dude. I do care about her as a friend though. :) I am the sort of man who keeps his friends close to his heart and cares about them.



Kacey Yulia "KaceKat" Chandler, née Devoria (born 30 June 1983), is the sweetheart of Liquid Chris who became embroiled in the conflict between her lover and Christian Weston Chandler (Solid Chris). She has a "fun", "caring", "kind" personality, as Chris believes all women do. As he is often to note, she really cares for him, mayunn!

Kacey is notable for being a very intelligent student of biology and nursing, towards which Chris appeared to feel both admiration and intimidation. Chris tried to lure Kacey to his house under the false pretense that he was actually Liquid Chris. They had a long series of phone conversations before she cut ties with him due to her father's disapproval. Chris believes that she is currently married to Liquid Chris.


Basically, Chris became enraged with jealousy that Liquid Chris could have a girlfriend while he couldn't, so he conspired to steal her away in a series of devious phone calls in which he pretended to be Liquid, and told her that he would put his penis in between her breasts and cum all over her. He also planned to follow this act by licking his comeuppance off of her and recycling it with her. For a straight man, it's interesting that his first time would still involve recycling his own semen, thus putting his orientation into question once again. Happily, he never got his chance as she quickly "realized" that Chris was trying to trick her.

Of note, this is probably one of the most blatant and irrefutable lies Chris has perpetrated. In his utter hatred of Liquid, it is he himself that becomes remains the impostor in a desperate and misguided attempt to steal Liquid's girlfriend. Also of note is that Solid does a piss-poor job impersonating Liquid, and Kacey has to correct him half the time to keep him from breaking his own charade. The worst is when his infamous narcissism kicks in, and he ends up defending "Solid" Chris's clothing, weight, and stupid fucking haircut. For her part, Kacey actually flubs her lines quite a bit, forgetting that she's not supposed to know it's not the real Chris. Chris, of course, never notices.

As revealed by Chris in the video Greetings to Kaceys folks, Kacey's parents are Mr. and Mrs. D (Devoria).

Kacey is the middle child of her parents, a military couple. Her father is retired military, her mother works in government affairs. She has an older brother, Kale, also military, and a younger sister, Kara, who is a freshman in college. Kacey is rumored to be attending university in Washington D.C., living nearby in an apartment with male roommates. Her family lives in the suburbs of Virginia. She is majoring in Nursing and Biology.

Contact with Chris

On 3 August 2009, Chris sent Kacey For Kacey from CWC to prove that he is the real Chris.

On 4 August 2009, Chris created CWC - Hand Drawn Original to reveal his true, fat self.

Kacey was very hurt by the fact that Chris tried to trick her into going to his house. What he was planning to do if she did show up on his door is anyone's guess. In all likelihood, he expected her to actually dump her longtime boyfriend for him once he proved he's the One, True and Honest creator of Sonichu and Rosechu. That, or he'd put on a brown shirt and paper medallion and hope she never noticed the glaring differences while he ate his own navy off of her.

On a few occasions, Kacey and Chris have mentioned a meeting which took place between them. Kacey seems to maintain that Chris was disrespectful and perverted during this meeting.[2]

The Love Quest

Once Liquid Chris returned, details of the contact between Chris and Kacey began to emerge. In Chris' Adressing Liquid video, he suggested that Kacey had become a close "gal-pal", and implies that he still pines for her. Chris would later officially proclaim his love for her in the creatively titled video, "I Love You Kacey" where he states that Kacey and himself had been in frequent contact with each other, during the period in which Liquid disappeared.

In 10252009 For Kacey, Chris graduated to an official Love Quest in his desperate attempt to steal Kacey from her future husband. The delusion would grow further in For Chris No 2, where Chris implies that he genuinely thinks that Kacey is leaving Liquid for him. It would later become clear that this was not the case at all; Kacey would later state that she only ever considered herself and Chris as friends.

However, Chris being himself, he began to think that she really was in love with him, and went so far as to make a video of him gloating to Liquid that he had won her heart. At one point, Kacey uploaded audio of herself singing to A Whole New World, from the popular Disney movie Aladdin to Youtube. The description section ambiguously sought for "Chris" to perform a duet with the audio; naturally, this culminated in a video showing the true range of Chris' Sinatra-esque tones.

The end of Kacey

Chris and Kacey's friendship love affair continued for a while afterward, until Chris got into an argument with Kacey's father after attempting to prove his worthiness as a man. In the process, Kacey saw how utterly messed up he was, mentally and physically, and returned to Liquid's waiting arms. Chris' chances were utterly dashed after she got a hold of his comic to her and learned that he was willing to go and shoot Liquid Chris. Horrified, Kacey scorned Chris for his actions in a final phone call to him, never to return. Chris would later upload a video where his solemnity was clear, although this depression would last for merely a day.

With the release of the actual final phone call between Kacey and Chris, it is shown that Kacey is very wise about Chris' dealings. Following the end of the call, Kacey makes an assumption about Chris never mentioning her again. While he does in CWC is sad, the very next day after said video, a new video is released where Chris is smiling from ear to ear. The very next day. The coincidence is stunning.

Marriage to Liquid

Liquid Chris and Kacey were married on 11 November 2009, at 2 p.m. EST. It was a very small wedding ceremony with their families and a few select friends. Chris tried his best to ruin the honeymoon via receiving copyright papers, which, as you probably guessed, failed miserably.

Little is known of Kacey at this point, despite Liquid resurfacing to help heighten the success of Asperchu.

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