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April 16 Fetish Vids

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The April 16 Fetish Vids also include a set of photos, showing Chris wearing diapers.

The April 16 Fetish Vids is a set of 3 videos and a handful of photos, showing Chris engaged in different explicit and shocking practices, for Ivy. This content was released by The Miscreants on 16 April 2009.

Fanta: Semen Flavor


[Chris appears in his room, dressed in a green bathrobe. His hair is disheveled.

This is for my sweetest Ivy's eyes only.

[Chris holds up a small disposable cup made of clear plastic. A thick, white liquid rests in a thin layer along the bottom.]

Here's some of my, uh, cum I just masturborted out.

[He points at his own semen in the cup and brings it even closer to the camera.]

'Bout to that much, that's usually a lot.

[Chris holds a can of Fanta orange soda near the camera. He wears his Amnyfest Ring on his hand.]]

Couldn't find any chocolate syrup, but I have some orange soda.

[Chris cracks open the can of Fanta. He fills the bottom third of the Fapcup with soda. He swishes the soda and semen around, with an extremely disquieting smirk on his face.]

Well... bottoms up!

[He tilts back his head and drinks the cup of semen and Fanta.]

There you go, Ivy, orange-flavored cum. Hope you enjoyed that!

Screen caps

Spank Dat Ass


[Chris is dressed in a green bathrobe and nothing else. He looks at the camera, kneels on his filthy, yellowed mattress and begins spanking himself. He doesn't do a very good job.]

Oh, I'm sorry for being...

[spanks self]


[spanks self]


[spanks self]


[spanks self]

A bit harder!

[spanks self]

Oh, I'm sorry!

[spanks self]

Oh Ivy, that smarts!

[rubs ass]


Screen caps

Need to Re-link or Reupload Video

How NOT to take a Shower

C'mon, let's go do it in the bedroom!


—Chris, ever classy


[A disgusting shower stall is shown. The grout is black with mildew and there are large blotchy brown stains on the tile. Two rolls of toilet paper appear in the foreground. Suddenly, the giant fat ass of a white male enters the frame.]

Hey Ivy! May I have this dance?

[Christian extends his hand towards the shower, which is empty except for mold and fungus. He steps inside, and begins a naked slow dance in his shower. His body is only visible from the chest down and his body is completely shaved. His skin tone is hard to describe due to the lighting but looks unhealthy. His hands are clenched tightly, as if he is holding the hands of a small child. About 25 seconds in he tries to twirl, and has a hard time turning his body around. He stumbles off-balance and catches himself against the wall. He then holds one arm up like he's twirling his imaginary dance partner. At 50 seconds in he makes a hugging motion and leans forward as if kissing his pretend Internet girlfriend.]

Oh yeah, c'mon, let's go do it in the bedroom. Let's go Ivy. I'll help you.

[Chris steps out of the tub and walks towards the camera, bringing his tiny, hairless, shrunken genitals extremely close to the camera. He fumbles at the camera for a second and it shuts off.]

Screen caps

Really? This fetish?

A set of pictures showing Chris wearing diapers ("nappies" to Britfags), or, as Chris calls them, butt garments.

  • Download: [1] (dead link)
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