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Sonichu 0

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Sonichu #0
Cover Date: 24 November 2004
Began: 3 January 2004
Finished: 24 March 2005
Page Count: 45
Episodes: 1-3
Sub-Episodes: 1
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #1

Sonichu #0 is the first issue of Christian Weston Chandler's "masterpiece". At this point, the comic was almost entirely about Sonichu and Rosechu, although bits of Chris's life still managed to find their way in.

The "hand-drawn premiere issue" is a special zero issue. In the comics industry, zero issues are used as either a sales-enhancing gimmick or a special preview of work that will not truly begin until issue #1. We're not sure which one Chris was going for.

The comic consists of Sonichu's first three adventures. In "Sonichu's Origin," the core cast of the series is introduced as Sonichu and Rosechu are created. Then, in "Genesis of the Lovehogs," the two protagonists meet and immediately fall in love. Finally, in "Sonichu vs. Naitsirhc," our yellow hero does battle with his first real villain, who but foreshadows the challenges awaiting the hedgehogs in the following issue. Bonus material in Sonichu #0 includes various advertisements for imaginary Sonichu products, "classic" Sonichu comic strips drawn outside of the narrative of the main comic book.

Chris began working on Sonichu #0 by creating the cover on 24 November 2004 (although many of the classic strips predate this). He completed the primary story on 15 March 2005, although he was inspired by real-life events to return to this work and add the first-ever sub-episode featuring himself.

Episode 1: "Sonichu's Origin"

Sonichu's Origins
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Disclaimer Page

*Any names, or persons, illustrated in any of the Sonichu Comics, except that of Christian Weston Chandler, that may seem similar to anyone in real life, are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic.*


—The Disclaimer

Sonichu #0 features the first instance of the Disclaimer Page, in which Chris draws a squiggly line of insanity around the definitions of copyright and parody. This page will bear repeating in every subsequent episode, and is read before every Videobook.

Unfortunately, this is tablet-drawn, so it's terrible.


A wild male Pikachu wanders through a field until he notices catastrophic destruction five "mies" away in Station Square, where the Perfect Chaos Monster is running rampant. He runs to the city, where he finds Sonic the Hedgehog battling the monster, using the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. Perfect Chaos counterattacks, hurling Sonic directly into the Pikachu, with the resulting collision causing the Chaos Emeralds' energy to mingle with that of Pikachu's, releasing a powerful rainbow (with the wrong order of colors) into the sky.

Fifteen miles away, the rainbow touches down in front of the house of Pokémon trainer Kel, whose female Raichu is caught in the blast. At both endpoints of the rainbow, the Pokémon are transformed into hedgehog-like creatures. Kel discovers that her Raichu is now pink, standing upright, wearing a red dress, and capable of human speech. She remarks that this new species of Pokémon is "as pretty as a rose," and thus coins the name Rosechu.

The former Pikachu awakens from the collision with Sonic and, failing to notice his transformation, joins Sonic in the battle against Perfect Chaos. His thunder attack defeats the monster, and the gathering crowd mistakes him for Sonic (who has now departed until Sonichu 1) as they cheer him on. Later, after considering his new role in the universe, he names the species he has evolved into "Sonichu", in honor of his brief ally.

I am no longer a Pikachu, so with inspiration, I am now... SONICHU!


Episode 1 will later on be remade as a LittleBigPlanet level.


Introductions / Genesis of the Lovehogs
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Cartoon CWC takes some time out of the thrilling saga of Sonichu to provide exposition about key elements of the upcoming stories, with profiles on CWCville (as Chris puts it, the "cartoon world"), Sonichu, Rosechu, Kel, Naitsirhc, Black Sonichu, the Chaotic Combo, and Flame the Sunbird. Chris hints at the significance of Chris-Chan Sonichu, Saramah Rosechu, and Wes-Li Sonichu, and briefly mentions the villains of the series: Mary Lee Walsh and the Jerkops. The greatest attention is given to Christian himself and the fact that he needs a girlfriend.

Episode 2: "Genesis of the Lovehogs"

"Mine, and THE FIRST romantic attempt, and I did an AWESOME FUCKIN' JOB"....

Sonichu is wandering through the forest. A week has passed since he was forcefully evolved by the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and he has found that in his larger form he cannot receive adequate subsistence from the diet of a Pikachu (which is nuts and apples). He is also overcome with a newly found sense of loneliness, being the only Electric Hedgehog Pokémon in existence--at least, insofar as he is aware.

Just then Sonichu notices Rosechu standing by a stream. He is instantly attracted to this similar species of hedgehog, and quietly stalks her as she returns to her home. Lurking in the bushes, Sonichu sees that Rosechu lives with her trainer, Kel, and decides that he can beg this person for food.

Inside, Rosechu complains of her own loneliness. Kel generously offers her Dragonite named David for companionship, but Rosey dismisses the idea, since a Dragonite's cock is too big for even her own gaping holes. Just then Rosechu answers a knock at the door to find Sonichu panhandling for change. Immediately smitten, she aggressively pulls him into the cabin and has Kel cook them dinner.

Within a few days, Sonichu and Rosechu are inseparable. One night, while staring at the Moon out by the lake, they interlock tails and share their first kiss, in the first of many heartwarming love scenes.

Given Christian's own inability to get laid, "Genesis of the Lovehogs" provides fascinating insight into how he believes romance is supposed to work: Boy sees girl, boy stalks girl for five minutes, girl wants to have sex with boy the second she lays eyes on him.

The first of many parody ads appears between Episodes 2 and 3; this particular ad is for two ill-fated Sonichu games for Game Boy Advance: Sonichu Advance and Pokémon: Lightning Version.

Episode 3: "Sonichu vs. Naitsirhc"

Sonichu vs. Naitsirhc
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We find Sonichu in CWCville Mall, confronting Naitsirhc Giovanni riding a Zapdos that is clutching Rosechu in its talons. When hostage negotiations fail, the battle is on, and Sonichu briefly recalls how the situation arose.

Earlier in the day, Kel took her Pokémon into town to run errands, and allowed Rosechu to go shopping with Kel's credit card. Sonichu was entrusted to restrain Rosey's uncontrollably lavish spending, typical of a female, but he quickly abandoned this duty to please his lover. Later in the food court, the couple visited a fast food restaurant; since Rosechu has lady-parts she could only eat salad, while Sonichu attempted to eat a Baffler Meal and became sick from eating pickles. It was at this point that Zapdos ambushed the hedgehogs, capturing Rosey.

Using standard Pokémon fighting techniques, Sonichu shows up Zapdos with his Sky Uppercut and Mega Kick. For the coup de grâce, Sonichu uses Double Team to confuse Zapdos with mirages of himself; he then uses this diversion to rescue Rosey before his duplicates zap the Zapdos, defeating it. Naitsirhc recalls the Zapdos to its Poké Ball, and swears he will challenge Sonichu again before riding off on a Raikou.

Since this is Sonichu's first public outing in which he is not mistaken for Sonic, he is heralded as a hero by the people of CWCville. Chris makes his debut as a full-fledged character, and, in his capacity as the city's mayor, congratulates the yellow hedgehog.

Later, in the first of many segments that break the fourth wall, Christian and Sonichu leave the mall talking about the high quality of this issue of Sonichu, and Sonichu expresses amazement and incredulity when he learns that Christian's obvious talent has not earned him a boyfriend-free girl. Christian drives off to the Fashion Square Mall to continue his Love Quest, while Sonichu morbidly admires his father's persistence in the face of certain failure. That a newly-created Pokémon immediately recognized Chris as his "father" is never actually explained.


Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Episode 3 is a good example of early CWCville. Sonichu is just a Mary Sue for Christian to play in a Sonic-inclusive-Pokéworld. Naitsirhc's motivation is that he's GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL for his gangster father, Giovanni. Contrast this with his later incarnation, Reldnahc, or Chris's enemies in the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens.

Classic Sonichu Strips

Classic Sonichu Strips
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Pages 28-34 of this issue feature comic strips drawn throughout 2004.

  1. 25 years into the future, Sonichu (now evolved into Metonic), recycles a joke from Excel Saga while chopping logs. The title of the strip is by itself a recycling of "Mobius 25 Years Later", an arc from the Sonic comics
  2. Sonichu asks Rosechu how things are going, and she explains she's been busy "being beautiful" but confesses that she hates working so hard at it (which is what all women do). Sonichu demonstrates his amazing ability to listen to women and respect their feelings (hint, hint, YOUNG LADIES) until Rosey calls out Black Sonichu for stalking them.
  3. "Christian & Sonichu vs. the Mastermind": Christian and Sonichu defeat Mary Lee Walsh with the combined power of Chris's Curse-ye-ha-me-ha and Sonichu's thunder attack.
  4. Sonichu and Chris-chan Sonichu rescue Barbara Chandler from Naitsirhc. Barbara is depicted characterizing Sonichu as Christian's son.
  5. Chris-chan Sonichu is beaten up by jerkops, under orders from Mary Lee Walsh. Rosechu can only stand by helplessly, as she lacks a penis. Nevertheless, Sarhamah Rosechu arrives to save Chris, so that he can reassure himself that he is still important in the life of a woman he cannot have sex with. This Sub-Sub-Episode is later reincorporated into Sub-Episode 7, in Sonichu #4.

Sub-Episode 1: Christian Chandler in "Jerkop-tastropie"

Christian Chandler in "Jerkop-tastropie"
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One year and seven months into Christian's Love Quest, he ponders his lack of progress while listening to music on his Nintendo DS. Just then, the enormously fat black Jerkhief towers over Chris, rightfully calling him out and accusing Chris of soliciting sex. Chris is outraged by this insult, and valiantly defends his honor. The Jerkhief summons his Jerkops to handcuff Chris, but his keen tactical mind allows him to spot his assailant and dodge them, causing a Jerkop to handcuff himself. Chris backhands another Jerkop square in the face, giving him enough breathing room to transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu and tells everybody to dance now...

The Jerkhief responds by summoning his Metal Armor, and a pitched battle begins. Chris-Chan uses Mega Kick, Double Team, Mirror Coat, and Thunderbolt to disarm the Jerkhief, and honorably offers mercy to his defeated foe. But the Jerkhief is without honor; defiant to the end, he fires a handgun at Chris-Chan, who uses Barrier to deflect the pitiful attack.

His enemy beaten, Chris decides to unleash his Special Ultimate Attack, the dreaded Curse-ye-ha-me-ha. The Jerkhief initially feels no adverse effect and rises to fight back, but the curse soon sets in; he slips on a banana peel, breaks his glasses, and learns that his wife has just divorced him over his smoking habit, taking the custody to his kids, house, and everything he owns with her. The Jerkhief's life is shattered, and Chris makes sure the broken man understands that his has reaped what he sowed. The Jerkhief cries that his soul hurts; Chris callously responds that he's suffered worse.

Sub-Episode 1, along with the other Sub-Episodes, is reprinted in Sonichu #4.

Sonichu Adventure, coming soon never exclusively for Nintendo Game Cube! Note that Chris draw most of the Game Cube dress by hand, but likely forgot the "Only for" label and thus had to photoshop it in.

This ad appeared between the Classic Sonichu Strips and Sub-Episode 1 in the initial release of Sonichu #0, but moved to the back cover on the more recent CWCipedia version. Ads for Sonichu Adventure would continue to run in future issues, all the way through to Sonichu #6.


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