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Encyclopedia Dramatica was involved in Chris's life
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This was active from 2008 to Ongoing



Stop trying to put mentions of on this page. Only use it to replace broken links.

I will see to that website's demise, or my name isn't Christian Weston Chandler.


Christopher Weston Chandler[1]

Encyclopedia Dramatica (a.k.a. ED and æ) is the home to the Chris-Chan page that introduced Chris to the world at large and made him a popular target for trolling.

Chris on ED

Chris has denounced the ED page in several of his videos, claiming it is filled with "VICIOUS LIES AND SLANDER."

After a considerable amount of trolling and bitching and uploading hideous pornographic images, including the disastrous ShecameforCWC.JPG, Chris posted this gem on the ED talk page:

I AM ADDING THE POSITIVITY THIS HELL-HOLE OF A WEBSITE NEEDS; you just do not appreciate the POSITIVITY I AM ADDING TO THE PAGE. What I am doing is a STAND against OFFENSIVE, UNNATURAL, UNREQUIRED Additions to ANY Female Image. What I am doing is a STAND for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN Everywhere, because NO WOMAN would EVER want such a Horrific Twist of Fate. What I am doing is a STAND against the VERY THING that is NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!!

So, Draw Breasts, Vaginas, Uterus, Ovaries and the God-Given Eggs within them, you Two-Inch Short Dick-HEADS!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Christian Weston Chandler, A Man For The Women, For the Women's Rights, For the Women's Justice, For the Women's Peace.


Chris then returned, admitting defeat after his tard rage:

Months ago, I have found from this page being the first of a number hate against me, Christian Weston Chandler. *sigh* Among the number of you all, my name has been dragged through the mud, my e-mail and MySpace have been hacked for the e-mail information and random information that have been twisted into mockery of my person, my integrity, my honesty, my compassion, my heart, my soul, my being. Not only that, but the names of my two best gal-pals, Megan Schroeder and Anna McLerran, and my Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon, Sonichu and Rosechu, have also been dragged through the mud of mockery along with mine. Not only were my feelings were hurt greatly, but also those of Megan and Anna, and a number of my acquaintances within my small social circle were shocked and terrified that such cruelty, such mockery, such hatred was built from the number of those who have added more and more to this disgrace of a description of my being.

For a while, I was angry and enraged, and I shoved information and drawings regretfully drawn beyond my personal boundries down the throat of the webmasters of the page, in attempt to kill the hype and hatred against me. But No More, I give up on trying to edit the page to be more positive, or to delete the page altogether.

But I have ONE Question, that I put unto you all, the individuals who have taken part in creating this web page, and I would appreciate an Open, Detailed and Honest Answer from each of you in simple e-mails or reply on this discussion page.

Why do you hate me so much?

What did I do against you to cause the hatred against me? What physical or emotional harm have I ensued unto you? Why do you hate me for being myself in this world full of people who can't help but be themselves? I've had nothing against any of you. I don't even know any of you personally, as far as I know. I have nothing that any of you have already, so Why?

I leave you with that to ponder and ponder again over.


Christian Weston Chandler.

After the late summer of 2008, Chris largely gave up on direct involvement with ED. Around the spring of 2009, he may have posted one or two comments on the ED talk page referring to Clyde Cash, however. The first is below. It was deleted fairly quickly.

I have learned that there was a connection between her and a state in Washington where some of you have been lurking, and that she was not found in any public records. It took me a week to recover from the crestfallen emotions, but I am moving on with my life.

Also, you'll have to catch me IRL ONLY to troll me any further. Do you dare?

Peace-Out, Christian Weston Chandler

--ChrisChanSonichu 22:54, 14 May 2009 (UTC)

There was some dispute over it actually being Chris until he himself confirmed it in the post that followed:

Hey, CLYDE, you JERK. I said "IN REAL LIFE", not Playstation. Also, why don't you be the man you CLAIM to be and face me yourself? You keep sending out your prawns to do your dirty work, you coward. >:-(

Christian C.

According to Clyde, the above entry was deleted after roughly a minute, probably due to Chris realizing that if he were to ever arrange to meet Clyde, he'd only send his parents anyway.

ED on Chris, his article, and his article's talk page

Uploaded 12 December 2008, before the new comic, Miyamoto saga, and BlueSpike saga

For several months prior to the events of the BlueSpike saga in early 2009, many thought that Chris had dried up, that Chris could go no further. Furthermore, the FCTC's posting of new pics of Chris's bent duck in December 2008 prompted an ED admin to lock the talk page and demand satisfaction:

MINE: What this talkpage is. If you guys continue your faggotry after this protection expires today I will lock it down longer, and then eventually permanently.


—Arguecat3, now former ED sysop, 4 December 2008

I say we just delete it. Along with the archives


—Zaiger, now former ED sysop, 5 December 2008

Fuck this article and it's talk page. Stupid discussions unrelated to upkeep and editing are the only thing keeping this shit interesting. You guys take this shit WAY to srsly. Find another retard to stalk fgts


—Zaiger, now former ED sysop, 10 December 2008

1 April 2009

Screenshot of ED's front page.
Screenshot of the article.

On April Fools' Day 2009, the Chris-chan article was taken down and replaced with a message.

This afternoon, we at Encyclopædia Dramatica have independently decided to remove the Chris-chan article about Christian W. Chandler from our site. We have also removed all references that slander, vilify, demean, or are found to be overly offensive. In plain terms, this ordeal has gone on far too long and gotten far out of hand. We have unfairly focused on him to the point of intruding in his private life and causing him great personal grief, which no person should ever have to endure. This behavior is not in line with our site goals, and we never wanted something like this. Still, we must take complete responsibility for all our actions, both public and private. And that is why we are speaking to you today. But we say to you now that at no time did we ask anyone to lie, hide, or destroy evidence, or to take any other unlawful action.

We know that his public comments and his silence about this matter gave a false impression. We misled people, including even his family. We deeply regret that. We can only tell you we were motivated by many factors. First, by a desire to protect himself from the embarrassment of his own conduct.

He was also very concerned about protecting his family. The investigation moved on to his family and friends, then into his private life. And now the investigation itself is under investigation.

This has gone on too long, cost too much, and hurt too many innocent people.

Regardless of any public pressure to reinstate the article, it must be stressed that our intrusion on Chris' private life will cease, and we intend to reclaim his family life for his family. Even internet celebrities have private lives. It is time to stop the pursuit of personal destruction and the prying into private lives and get on with our national life. Our website has been distracted by this matter for too long, and we take responsibility for our part in all of this. That is all we can do.

Now it is time -- in fact, it is past time to move on. We have important work to do -- real opportunities to seize, real problems to solve, real matters to face.

And so tonight, we ask you to turn away from the spectacle of the past two years, as we return our attention to all the challenges and all the promise of the next century.

Thank you. And good night.


—ED, in a rare case of moralfaggotry joking.

Not surprisingly, the page was put back up on 2 April.

Chris's use of Encyclopedia Dramatica

See also List of Christian's edits to Encyclopedia Dramatica

Chris tried to use ED to muster his personal army to go after Joshua Martinez. Obviously, nobody did what he asked. [2] He also tried to create a page on ED for his "CCWC's Fanart of Horrors" (see: troll art), but a sysop immediately caught it and redirected it to an anti-Semitic template.

Chris and ED

I do think it is a little behind cwcwiki [sic] on a few things, though, but that is to be expected.


Jason Kendrick Howell on the ED article two years after its creation[3]

For a while, the ED page was crammed with misinformation (such as Chris attempting to molest Patti, or the idea that Ivy was really the blowup doll), but was cleaned out various times.

Trolls and general observers of Chris have since turned to CWCki to get a general picture of Chris that is less biased than ED (emphasis on "less"), and TV Tropes once described CWCki as being "more accurate and slightly more SFW" than ED.

As for Chris himself, the ED page STILL bothered him. An entire page of Chris's website, established in December 2009 and updated afterward, is dedicated to "correcting" the evil ED article with his own True and Honest take on the situation. Naturally, it's all about how Chris isn't remotely responsible for anything he has done wrong, and how it's all the fault of his autism or those DANG DIRTY TROLLS.

Oh Internet interlude

On 14 April 2011, ED was redirected to Oh Internet, a more safe-for-work wiki, in an attempt to achieve the site revenue required to stay online. Needless to say, the site included articles about Chris and Sonichu. In October 2013, however, Oh Internet silently went offline. Encyclopedia Dramatica returned under several domains: .ch, .se and .es, revived via scraping articles and images from archived websites.

Chris-chan (forum)

Your average Chris-chan following EDiot.

Chris-chan was a subforum of the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums (commonly referred to as EDF). It was created such that the talk page for the Chris-chan article could be used for its rightful purpose to discuss improving the article.

Chris had indicated in his 13 September 2009 video that he read the ED forums, where he discovered a plan to photoshop images so they looked like they were from a Sonichu game.[4] Chris firmly believed this forum to be the main hub for trolling activity despite other forums and websites (such as this one) are far more significant.


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