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Chris's birthday

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Today we celebrate our CHRISTIAN LOVE DAY!"


—Chris, on being nearly 30.

Best wishes from Sonichu.

Chris's birthday, 24 February, is a significant date in his life, for obvious reasons. However, the bizarre inconsistency of how he celebrates (from some new vidya, to wanting his birthday to be a national holiday) warrants some inspection.

Notable birthdays

Chris's best birthday EVER!


Chris received a Pro 200[1] handheld game console, and was photographed looking visibly disappointed while holding it. Unsurprising, since it's listed on TV Tropes' "So Bad It's Horrible" pages for a reason:

At a time when LCD games were being phased out and the Game Boy Color was just about to be released, the ill-conceived Pro 200, made by some unknown company under the name ProTech, was released via mail order, claiming to be a cheap alternative to all the other systems out on the market. The "system" (to say the least) was marketed as to having 200 games, being a full-function calculator and having "state-of-the-art" computer chip technology. In reality, the system had only 15 games (the marketers got the 200 figure by counting each difficulty level as an individual game), most of which were Tetris rip-offs. The ones that weren't Tetris rip-offs were just as bad due to the system's ridiculously small screen, much like those cheap products one could find at a bargain bin.

He also drew "Bionic Over Autism", which would later be included in Sonichu #6, and created Espanolic, which would later be seen on his CD cover project for school.


While most people would've celebrated by partying hard, doing something special, or just acknowledging that they have grown into legal adults, Chris got a Sega Dreamcast. While he did have something of a party, it was very much the kind thrown for small children, composed of thrown-together decor, last-minute gifts, and some platonic gal-pals as guests. No strip clubs, no booze, no tobacky, just Kenan & Kel and cake. Interestingly, this was allegedly Chris's best birthday ever. Even more interestingly, Kenan and Kel's parent show, All That, featured a Vital Information for Your Everyday Life sketch that had some very, very eerie foreshadowing:

If you're a girl and your bra is too tight, you're uncomfortable. If you're a boy and your bra is too tight, I'M uncomfortable.


—Lori Beth Denberg

The great importance of this event apparently warranted recording as a story, "My big 18th party".

Years later, when asked by Kacey what did he do with his high school friends, Chris could not recall meeting them outside of school at any instance other than his 18th birthday.[2] Likewise, a former Manchester High alumni who attended this birthday cannot recall any other instance in which she and the rest of Chris's high school friends ever hung out with him outside of school.[3]


And now the worst...

If the above birthday was Chris's best, then this was probably his worst. No friends, no new video games, and no sweetheart. The only thing Chris got was kicked out of his college English class by his professor. All wasn't lost, however, as this event was the catalyst that began the Love Quest, Chris's enduring search for someone that will put up with his crying and pamper him for eternity.


Chris documented this birthday in an issue of Sonichu's News Dash. It took place at the mall and was attended by his parents, as well as "a couple of his new-found gal-pals, who all already have Boyfriends, or are otherwise undatable, due to her religion." He was treated like a child and loved every second of it.

The gal-pal who is "undatable, due to her religion" is most likely Anna. Chris has met her prior to his 23rd birthday[4] and he likewise describes Mormons like Anna as undatable.[5]


Chris's 25th birthday and DVD launch party.

To celebrate this milestone, Chris recorded an IMPORTANT MESSAGE, inspiring girls, boys, and dudes of all teenages with the many lessons he has learned from his quarter-century of experience.


It's unknown what Chris did for his birthday on February 24 2008, although a week later Megan wrote to him saying "Yeah that internet thing is getting very much out of hand and would like to ask if you could please take down or remove anything that has to do with me from any of your websites. I don't want to appear on those sites as well." A while later she discovered that ShecameforCWC.JPG was meant to be a picture of her. Chaos ensued.


Chris's 27th birthday coincided with the burial of his late Aunt Corrina. Undoubtedly, this cast a shadow on the festivities. In true Chris fashion, he bitched and complained about not being able to stuff his greedy gullet full of pancakes instead of mourning the loss of his aunt. He would later go on to complain in Mumble 9 about how Aunt Corrina ruined his special day by selfishly dying. He also received some birthday money, which he used to fund his Ohio trip.


Chris's 28th birthday is shrouded in mystery. Other than his obsessive desire to see his birthday made a holiday, next to nothing is known about how it was spent. What we do know is that he ingested a mysterious substance and was visited by another male guest. Alec Benson Leary also called in and congratulated him, being the all-around nice guy that he is. Chris had been saving $100 to pay for a prostitute as a birthday present for himself, but he ultimately abandoned that idea after The Wallflower became his friend and he assumed he would be allowed to have sex with her for free.


The events were unknown due to his hiatus from the Internet, but somewhere around this time is when Chris began to embrace his feminine side.

  • Sonichu Canon: Coincidentally (or not), the homo vaccine in Sonichu #10 is distributed into the world's water supply on this day.


A must-see!

Chris entered his fourth decade in 2012. The 28 October 2011 crimes still cast a shadow. Being the affluent Sony fanboy that he is, Chris bought himself a PlayStation Vita and a copy of Asphalt Injection (a racing title that was critically-panned and not as well-received as other Asphalt games).

Leaked Facebook statuses revealed that Chris was not looking forward to this birthday. On 30 January he expressed his frustrations about soon becoming a 30 year old virgin, and a little more than a week later Chris announced on 11 February that he had no plans for his birthday.


Trolling was on Chris's mind on this birthday: he watched the slasher film about trolls Smiley two days before, and the day after his birthday he called out Tara Strong for "promoting trolling".


Chris and his mother were staying in their temporary house while his home was undergoing repairs after its fiery destruction. Chris was recovering from bronchitis. It was a quiet birthday. He worked on his LEGO high school, watched the Back to the Future movies, and got some free ice cream at IHOP.[6]


Chris took to Facebook, asking for a "very much required" $300 Lego set, along with two $70 Bikini Bottom sets - because he wants to make use of one piece from each set. His given motive is that he "may reconsider [his] feelings upon the lot of you" (note that the condition is that he may reconsider his feelings - it's not guaranteed, but you'll have to send him $400 in Lego blocks to find out). Unsurprisingly, Chris did not receive the gifts he asked for.


Chris is very close to entering his mid 30's at this point. Chris took to Facebook, asking for a Playstation 4. Not knowing that if he knew how to save his money for once that he'd have one for quite a while. In return Chris will give a $500 discount off his crappy low quality items off of Etsy to whoever is dumb enough to buy him a PS4. Chris clearly hasn't learned from his last birthday that no-one is gonna bother buying him shit (Except for maybe a gym membership.) let alone something expensive and therefore it will be no surprise if the outcome is the same as his last birthday.

Birthday Gallery: Witness the Evolution

"Christian Love Day"

The Christian Love Day Declaration (which is totally TRUE and HONEST, and not a rip-off at all).

Many people see their birthday as a day of personal relevance. Chris, on the other hand, thinks everyone across the globe should be focused on him too. First seen in the CWC Blog, "Christian Love Day" is apparently a second Valentine's Day, but celebrated exclusively by STRAIGHT folk. In the Mailbag, he clarified he "feels like" it should be a nationally recognized holiday, merely because he wills it and it's also Mexican Flag Day. However, Chris provides no details on how to celebrate, nor does he put any effort into garnering publicity beyond one lone video.

In Sonichu, the holiday gains slightly more credence, along with some disturbing moral stipulations. It is on this day that the homo vaccine "cures" the homosexual population of the Earth, driving the Infinitely-High Boyfriend-Factor up to critical levels. It seems to be that this fictional event is the real reason Chris wants to commemorate his birthday as a holiday (well, that and ego). Chris either thinks his comic is so widely known that the date of its denouement would be nationally recognized, or he has a skewed perception of the lines between fiction and reality.


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