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Chris' TRUE and HONEST rainbow
A FAKE and DECEPTIVE rainbow.

A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky. Rainbows are also known as a symbol of homosexuality and LGBT rights. Unfortunately, Chris didn't know this when he wrote them into the comic, leading to hilarious results.

In Chris's mind, and in the Sonichu canon, a rainbow is both an important part of the plot, as well as a lazy metaphor used by Chris to represent something happy, amazing or pleasant happening. Rainbows are a recurring theme in the series, playing an important role in the history of the Chaotic Combo. Of course, we all know what Chris actually meant.

In real life, there's a rainbow etched into Chris's high school ring.

Chris and Rainbows

In addition to not knowing that rainbows are mostly used by "da homos", Chris also utterly fails when trying to replicate them. Apparently, Chris was never taught the simple concept of ROY G BIV, which gives the exact order of colors in the light spectrum from left to right. As such, Chris repeatedly mixes up the colors of the rainbow. This demonstrates two things: firstly, that Chris was too lazy to find a reference of a real rainbow when drawing the comic, and secondly, that Chris knows nothing about how rainbows are formed.

In addition, Chris often offers people "rainbows of promise" as a half-assed apology for things he has done wrong. For example, he offered Megan Schroeder a "rainbow of promise" while corresponding with her after the shecameforCWC.JPG incident. Thankfully, Megan saw right through his shitty apology and cut him out of her life.

Following fan backlash against the hardcore sex scene depicted in Sonichu #8, Chris removed or censored the pages containing genitalia from the site, and issued a "rainbow of promise" to not post any more sexual imagery. Chris later drew love scene between Black Sonichu and Silvana Rosechu in the very next issue.

In the Comic

Feels Good Man

A rainbow effect was created when Pikachu struck Sonic in Sonichu #0. This energy also arced across the sky, striking a female Raichu some fifteen miles away, and transforming her into a hideous hag beast. The irony of Chris's most prized creation coming from a rainbow, a long-time symbol of homosexuality, is lost on him.

TRUE and HONEST Chaos Rainbow shit eggs.

In Sonichu #3, Chris revealed that the Rainbow had also spit out five eggs, which landed in various locations around the world. Hence, the Chaotic Combo. Chris should be feeling pretty gay right about now. Sonichu would soon discover other Sonichus and Rosechus which were created by the Rainbow. So basically, most of the Sonichu characters came from a rainbow.

In addition to the eggs, Chris established that "mysterious beams of light also shone from the rainbow", but declined to elaborate; this might be Chris's way of giving himself an out for adding more Sonichus and Rosechus, like Silvana.

The Jimmy Hill Incident and Comic Retcons

Upon stumbling on Jimmy Hill, a troll-illionaire who managed to make billions of dollars from the Sonichu franchise as a LGBT icon, Chris realized that many of the imagery in Sonichu had homosexual overtones. Thus, Chris went on a campaign to remove and/or alter those images, including rainbows, the "oversized straw", and the Sonichu Balls.

Likewise, the infamous "Rainbow Chris" image from Sub-Episode 2 was changed to a background of the gates of Heaven when pointed out that rainbows are the international symbol of gay pride.

Chris' Use of Rainbows

Chris offers a "rainbow of promise" to his readers, rightfully comparing the travesty of his nude artwork with that of God's brutal punishment of mankind.
  • The various Sonichus and Rosechus represent every color of the rainbow, although this may be a coincidence, as there's so damn many of them that Chris has no choice but to use every possible color to tell them apart.

I'm lookin' at you all and I see a rainbow, come on
You think I'm different in every way, come on
All of the times that I've earned honor roll!

This is probably how autism was explained to him. Again, the irony is lost on him.

Possible interpretation of Chris's use of rainbows

Pride flag.jpg

He's gay!

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