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Calling Out

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Calling Out refers to a series of videos Chris uploaded from the 6-23 August 2011, following an eight-month hiatus from YouTube.

These videos showcase Chris's Tomgirl look, where he attempts to make himself look feminine. Chris is sporting new earrings in these videos, two on his right ear and one on his left. His glasses are also absent. Chris's camerawork in this series is exceptionally shitty, opting to hold the camera with his hand instead of propping it up on a surface. This results in a very shaky, Cloverfield-like viewing experience.

The series focuses on Chris's efforts to expose his various trolls. Each confrontation consists of Chris decrying various traits of his trolls (Thorg's atheism, Jack Thaddeus's sexual interests, etc.) followed by demands for apologies and other blackmail. Chris gives them deadlines to meet his demands (many of which are idiotic, e.g. asking Tito to send cash in the mail, or impossible, e.g. asking BlueSpike to stop random people all over the Internet from making prank calls). Chris seems to believe that if a troll's identity is revealed, all of the other trolls will turn on him and troll him instead of Chris. This is not likely.

Oblivious as always, Chris makes the videos while failing to realize that the obese horrific "tomgirl" delivering the messages overshadows the message. Instead, Chris just exposes people's personal information and expects the Internet to do the work for him of tormenting his foes.

Bob's death in September 2011 together with the 28 October 2011 incident has marked the apparent and abrupt end of the Calling Out series, as Chris has not produced a followup to the series' final video since then.


Troll Calling out Demands Deadline Result Finale
Surfshack Tito 6 August: Calling Out "Tito" - Don
6 August: Deadline for Don "Tito" and Jeremy "Thorg"
Admit to PlayStation Network hacking
Apologize to The Wallflower and her family
Send Chris $1,000
Delete all of his pages from the CWCki
Apologize to Chris
31 August Met demands 9 August: Tito's official response to Chris
10 August: Re: Don, and ReCalling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy
Thorg 6 August: Calling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy
6 August: Deadline for Don "Tito" and Jeremy "Thorg"
10 August: Re: Don, and ReCalling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy
Put up a billboard in New York City saying that Chris is straight
Delete all of his pages from the CWCki
Apologize to Chris
31 August Unmasked 12 August: Exposed - Jeremy Slonwhite of Vancouver, BC Canada
20 August: Wristwatch-SwissWatch for Jeremy "Thorg"
28 August: Victory Rockout
Alec Benson Leary 9 August: Calling Out "Alec Benson Leary" - Christopher Apologize to Chris 31 August Unmasked 30 August: Christopher Paul Whitney reveal
Jack Thaddeus 16 August: Calling Out Jack Thaddius - Ahuviya
23 August: Re-Calling Ahuvia
Apologize to Chris 10 September Revealed himself 29 August: Response to ADF
BlueSpike 23 August: Calling Out "Julaaaay" - David
Apologize to Chris
Stop people from calling Chris and yelling "JULAAAYY!"
15 September Nothing *

* Due to Bob's death and the events of 28 October 2011, it's unlikely that Chris will respond any time soon.


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