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CWC's Sonichu Site!

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Bright gaudy background colors seem to be mandatory on vanity pages.

CWC's Sonichu Site! (full title: The Official & The Originial [sic] From Christian Weston Chandler the Sonichu and Rosechu Site!) was Chris's homepage for the Sonichu franchise. It existed in various incarnations from 2000 to August 2009, and was a regular target of hacking by trolls following Chris's discovery in 2007. Half a decade later, Chris's Facebook friends helped him make a new site, which was pretty much nonfunctional and error-ridden during its astonishing 10-day life.

Design and content

Chris liked to harp on how he took two HTML classes and likes to construct his page on Netscape Composer, a mercifully discontinued software product. It is fairly obvious that either the HTML classes didn't teach good web design principles, or Chris slept through those sections.

The main hub of the Sonichu site was the front page. Chris dumped everything on the front page, all of the content centered. Chris also added things to the page in random places with little thought as to where they would go, and didn't really have the time and energy to update the page. In its later incarnations, the page had mentions of Animal Crossing material, Chris's changes to the comic, and had "Copyright CWC and Nintendo", long after the end of the Miyamoto Saga.

Chris's site also boasted that it was a member of the "Super Sonic Webring"; closer inspection reveals that Chris's site is not listed as a member of the webring, and Chris failed to insert the correct codes (i.e., he failed to put in his member ID, leaving "_SITE_ID_HERE_" in the links) — this simple failure to follow very simple setup instructions may have been why he was not approved as a member, as Webring owners usually checked this. His Fastcounter link is also broken. In its earliest incarnations Chris had a MIDI playing in the background, just to get that old Web 1.0 feel.

Sonichu-Fans (2008)

Sonichu-Fans was a small sub-site of, created by PandaHalo, and meant for use by Chris's fans. Most of the site's features were never really created. Its most notable feature was "Sonichu fan chat", a Java IRC applet that connected to Rizon's #sonichu channel. In the days following its introduction, Chris appeared in the fan chat in person a few times.

Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack (early 2009 - May 2009)

Main article: Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack

After the nuclear winter following the release of Sonichu #8, Chris made a solemn promise not to release any more naughty imagery. Naturally, he had to break this vow when he found out about the Sonichu Girls forum and wanted to impress the members.

Hosting history

Primordial origins (August 2000 - 2007)

The original incarnation of the Sonichu Site was hosted on the near-legendary free host for crappy personal web pages, Tripod, at (*/ As the site was launched back when it was not yet a crime to violate aesthetics and common sense in web design, Chris's page blended right in. Before this, CWC's Pokésite 1 and CWC's Pokésite 2 were hosted on AcmeCity (, another popular host for ineptly cobbled-together personal pages.

Chris even reminisces about his "Sonichu Site Filing Facility Hosted by Tripod" in issue #10 — not that it makes any frigging sense. It is probably just some sort of a comic-page manifestation of a psychotic break. He even calls this "burning the Tripod bridge". The fact that trolls hacked the site must have been particularly traumatizing to Chris.

In the comic, Chris-Chan Sonichu defeats some devil trolls, moves his files away from Tripod and bombs the crap out of the site, then says "Tripod was weak, in security, and it lacked the support for Flash media, anyway". In truth, Chris's site was hacked entirely due to his weak passwords and sloppy security practices (for example, in security questions, he has put in answers that could be looked up from the web; everyone knows his favorite film). And fascinatingly enough, CWCipedia doesn't support Flash either — otherwise, we'd be thrilled to see what kind of craziness his two HTML classes could inspire him to create in Flash. (2007 - January 2009)

Established in 2007 sometime after trolls registered (in Christian's words, "nothing but net."). Was hacked at least twice (read: Chris gave out his passwords). was hacked in January 2009 by Gregg Mays, prompting Chris to show his fangs. The domain was sold on eBay and is currently used to host a parody CWCville homepage. In February 2010, it became a redirect to Meatspin. (January 2009)

Quickly established in January 2009 to replace, and just as quickly hacked. The site now redirects to When the man takes you away, do not resist. (Early 2009 - August 2009)

After a hiatus Chris finally relaunched his site here. It lasted a little longer until he gave his password to Julie with predictable results. This incarnation is most notable for seeing the debut of Chris's official Rule 34 section, Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack. As of October, the site is now a redirect to other websites. (April 2009 - May 2009)

After another hiatus, Chris relaunched his site at this new domain on 9 April 2009. Since Chris doesn't know how to manage the mess of links he has created, some remain broken such as the one to Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack, so you'd have to change the domain name to visit it. Da major update he made to this site was to paste his autobiography after it got deleted from Wikipedia.

On 15 May 2009 it was hacked yet again, and featured gay pride imagery and a message that demanded the completion of Sonichu #9. This was later replaced with images of Joshua Martinez and Vanessa Hudgens, some of the pictures suggesting that they have some sort of a relationship.

The Ill-Fated Return (November 2014)

On 20 November 2014, Chris's Facebook friend and white knight extraordinaire Kenneth Englehart (colloquially known among Christorians as Kengle) created a website on which Chris might dump his ramblings about blue arms. While this motive may at first seem in line with those of Chris's trolls - motivating Chris to produce new content remains a unanimous goal among them - Kengle's reasoning for setting up the site is rather more unusual. As a 56-year-old man living with his parents, Kengle's primary goal in life is/was to befriend Chris by giving him a safe-space to rage about blue arms while routinely kissing his bulbous ass. At the time of its creation, the site was barely functional, and drenched in the amateurish 90s HTML stylings that only an unemployed 56-year-old autist worshipping an uneployed 32-year-old autist could achieve. At least one page was created ( which was Chris's partial biography page directly copied from his Wikipedia profile. Links suggested that the site would contain Sonichu character profiles, the comics themselves and other classic Chris content. Note that although the site was meant to be about the lore of Sonichu, Ken only ever bothered to make the vanity page about Chris himself.

The site also contained a forum with very strict moderation - some users from the CWCki Forums made accounts with which to dick around and post inanities, but many users found that the site had ceased to exist before they had their accounts verified. Presumably, Ken intended to coerce the big mangirlpig himself into posting, but of course it never happened.

The page received DDoS attacks from weens almost immediately after creation, and it later began providing the user with a 404 error. Kenneth had inexplicably hosted the site on the domain "". It is not clear why Ken chose this domain to host a site for Chris, the notorious Aspergers hater, or even why he would own it at all. Chris expressed a general distrust of the site, in part due to the domain name. One of Chris's faux-friends at the ass-patting festival that is/was the Keep Sonic Original Facebook group stated that it was being "redesigned".

As of 29 November, the website now redirects to a generic "This domain is available for sale" screen, indicating the website has now been shut down permanently. Kengle confirmed this on his Facebook, claiming that he has "other things going on in life", what with his stamp collecting and all. It's more likely that Kengle saw Chris's complaint about the site as some kind of threat to their potential friendship and immediately nuked the site, so as not to offend Great Director Chandler. This makes Spergweb the most short-lived website Chris (not counting his Facebook friends) has ever technically owned, lasting a mere 10 days on the web. If anything, it's probably the most short-lived website in the history of computing.


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