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Chris in the nineties.
Chris and Mrs. Sanford.
WTF niggo.

The 1990s saw the beginning of Chris's obsession with Sonic and Pokémon, which would one day lead to the abomination we know as Sonichu. He also started mass debating and using the Internet this decade.


1990 would be our problematic autistic's last year at Greene County Primary School. It is unknown why he left, and whether he was expelled. Also, Chris met his gal-pal Tiffany Robinson.

Chris meets Sonic.
Chris in 1991.
Chris and Barbie. That little Sonic plushie would be featured again, decades later, in Christian's sex vid.
Chris wants to see the schoolbus.
Chris in 1995.
Chris in 1996.
Christmas 1996. Spoiled fuck.
Chris in 1997. He had to water the niggos.
Chris's 1998 gift to Cole Smithey.

Events of 1990

  • 1990 - Bob Chandler performs and DJs the WTJU Marathon.
  • 24 February - Christopher's 8th birthday.
  • June - Christopher becomes a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, according to himself.[1]
  • August/September - Chris enters 3rd grade at Greene County Primary School.


1991 would be a troublesome year for Christopher. He switched schools to Nathanael Greene Elementary School, but had a conflict with the principal. Certain teachers also supposedly abused Chris, and the school's administration wanted Chris put in intensive special education or an "institution". In this year Chris's friend Tiffany Robinson would end her friendship with Chris.

Events of 1991

  • 24 February - Christopher's 9th birthday.
  • April - A picture of Chris is taken on some monkey bars.
  • 23 June - the first Sonic the Hedgehog game is released.
  • 1991 - Christopher is first introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog.[2]
  • August/September - Chris enters 4th grade at Nathanael Greene. He soon develops a dislike towards the allegedly homosexual principal of the school.
  • September - A picture of Chris is taken at a local playground.
  • 1991 - Chris is supposedly "abused" by the teachers at Nathanael Greene.[3]
  • 1991 - Bob takes the "abusive" teachers to court, but fails.[4]
  • 1991 - Chris is removed from school and homeschooled.[5]


In 1992, Chris was removed from Nathanael Greene and, to prevent Chris from being put in an institution or intensive special education, was moved by Bob out of Richmond and homeschooled for a year.

Events of 1992

  • 24 February - Christopher's 10th birthday.
  • August/September - Chris enters 5th grade at home.
  • September - The Chandler family moves to Cloverleaf Lakes Apartments in Chesterfield County, Virginia, because they are afraid Chris will be "locked up in an institution." They keep their home in Ruckersville.[6]
  • December - An encounter with The Bear inspires Christopher to change his name to Christian.


In 1993, Chris started attending Providence Middle School in Richmond. He became more and more obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog, even entering a Sonic contest.

Events of 1993


In 1994, Chris pestered his parents into letting him change his name. He also won the Sonic contest.

Events of 1994

  • Winter - Christopher changes his name to Christian.
  • 24 February - Christian's 12th birthday.
  • 26 February - Christian wins the Sonic the Hedgehog Watch & Win Sweepstakes.[11]
  • 2 March - Butthurt that they lost their original case, the Chandlers file their appeal with the Virginia Court of Appeals.
  • 9 May - The Case of Bob Chandler vs. Greene County School Board is dismissed by the Virginia Court of Appeals.[12]
  • August/September - Christian enters the seventh grade at Providence Middle School.


In 1995, Chris entered eighth grade at Providence Middle School.

Events of 1995

  • 1995 - Birth of Savannah Chandler.
  • 24 February - Christian's 13th birthday.
  • March - first appearance of Chaotix in Knuckles' Chaotix. If they had known about the horror of the Chaotic Combo, they wouldn't have bothered.
  • 26 April - Tedrall, a friend of Cole's, posts on a listserv inquiring about Jack Dale Smithey, as Cole still believes that he, rather than his true and honest biological father Ran Coleman Yeatts, is his biological father.
  • August/September - Christian enters the eighth grade at Providence Middle School.
  • Summer - The Chandler family moves out of Cloverleaf Lakes Apartments and into the Surrywood Subdivision.[13]
  • 25 December - Chris receives a two-faced sports fan, a Power Rangers Shogun Megazord and a new bicycle for Christmas.


1996 was a rather stressful year for Chris's parents. The neighbors around their new house in Newberry Towne Subdivision started spreading rumors about the Chandler family. This was rather hard for Bob and Barbara to bear. Christian himself didn't seem to mind the trouble too much, and started attending Manchester High School.

Events of 1996

  • 24 February - Christian's 14th birthday. He receives a Lego robot.
  • 27 February - Pokémon Red and Green are released in Japan: the first appearance of Pikachu.
  • Early Spring - Barbara retires from Secretarial Services at Virginia Power.[14]
  • Late Spring - Christian graduates from Providence on honor roll.[15]
  • Summer - The Chandler family moves out of the Surrywood Subdivision, and starts living in the Newberry Towne Subdivision. According to Chris, some of the neighbors spread rumors about his family.[16]
  • 1 September - Christian begins his freshman year at Manchester High School.[17]
  • 11 September - Ryan Cash is born.
  • Autumn - Chris becomes a water boy for the varsity basketball team.
  • 2 November - Barb is given a ticket for "Curse and Abuse".
  • 13 November - During basketball practice, Chris thinks up Bionic the Hedgehog.
  • 25 December - Chris receives a Cortland video camera, a Lego playset, a Snoopy doll, a Cartooning with Charles Schulz kit, Wave Race 64, Mischief Makers and an extra Nintendo 64 controller for Christmas. He also gives Bob a Yoshi plushie.


In 1997, Chris is still studying happily at Manchester High School. He now also manages the school basketball team.

Events of 1997

  • 1997 - Chris is rejected by Laura Dorazio.
  • 1997 - Cole Smithey begins reviewing films.
  • 28 January - Barb is given a ticket for going 40 mph in a 25 mph zone.
  • 14 February - Valentine's Day. At a dating match-up at school, Chris is paired up with cheerleader Molly Quarles.
  • 24 February - Christian's 15th birthday.
  • 1 April - First episode of Pokémon anime broadcast in Japan; Pikachu becomes a cultural icon there.
  • June - Christian allegedly had a prophetic dream about Sonic the Hedgehog appearing on Game Boy.[18]
  • 26 July - An mini-article is published in the Richmond Times Dispatch about how Bob corrected various news outlets about Old Ironsides and when the ship had last sailed under its own power.
  • August/September - Christian begins his sophomore year at Manchester High School.
  • 17 September - Death of Red Skelton.
  • 1 October - Barbara's 56th birthday. Chris and Bob are photographed laughing like idiots.
  • 10 November - Barb is given a ticket for having an expired license plate.


In 1998, Chris received an F in English class. This would hurt him severely, forcing him to create the "Song of Christian" in retribution.

Events of 1998

  • 1998 - Chris unlocks the parental lock on his television, finds a porno movie, and discovers masturbation for the very first time.[19]
  • 2 February - Chris begins to wear the Pedo-Glasses.
  • 24 February - Christian's 16th birthday.
  • 14 May - Chrs writes the Song of Christian.
  • 15 May - Chris records himself reading Song of Christian and explaining it line by line for his English class.[20]
  • 4 June - Christian makes his Lego Raceway Animation.[21]
  • August/September - Christian begins his junior year at Manchester High School.
  • 4 September - Chris records a KCWC "broadcast" on tape. Barbara "calls in" saying that she wants to request a song for Bob's 71st birthday, humoring him like he's six years old, when in reality, he was sixteen.
  • 8 September - The Pokémon anime is released in the United States. Chris becomes an avid fan.
  • 8 September - Chris's chemistry class participates in a bingo game where students have to learn about each other in order to win.
  • 17 September - Chris creates a map in his U.S. Government class about America's role in the Korean War.
  • 30 September - Pokémon Red and Blue are released in America. Things would never be the same in the Chandler household.
  • 13 October - Chris draws a diagram of Dealey Plaza and the Kennedy assassination for his U.S. Government class.
  • 15 October - Chris takes notes about the Women's Movement for his U.S. Government class. Also, Chris takes more notes about JFK's assassination.
  • 19 October - Chris creates a map concerning America's role in the War in Southeast Asia.
  • 29 October - Chris completes a worksheet about how to be safe within the home, and takes notes on the subject.
  • 10 November - Chris completes an assignment for Spanish class about jobs.
  • 17 November - Barbara is pulled over and given a ticket for disregarding a red light.
  • 22 November - Chris completes a Review Sheet about Reagan and the Evil Empire. He receives a perfect score.
  • December - The Pokemon TCG is first introduced in North America.
  • 4 December - Chris writes his rough draft of his Canterbury Tales essay.
  • 7 December - Chris writes about his bedroom in Spanish and draws a picture of it. The depiction of his room is littered with video games.
  • 10 December - Chris writes a final draft for his Canterbury Tales essay. He receives a 69, or a D+.
  • 11 December - Chris writes the FCAs for his Canterbury Tales essay.
  • 21 December - Chris completes a questionnaire concerning where he is on the political spectrum for his U.S. Government class. Chris concludes that he is a liberal.


In 1999, the Pokémon franchise broke big in America. During this time, Chris started making Pokémon-themed websites, and even got into the PokéNews. According to Lucas, Chris started showing up at The GAMe PLACe around this time.[22] Chris also created many of his "original" Pokémon cards this year for his Wall of Originals. They are listed below, as well as the other milestones of this year.

Events of 1999

Main article: 1999


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